Watch: The Best of UK League of Legends 2017 Montage

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It’s finally here – the top UK League of Legends plays of 2017 video has been published!
After weeks of chasing players up, choosing the best plays and editing it down into one final video, you can now view the best of UK LoL 2017 video here.
It might have been our idea back in 2016, but honestly it’s the hard work of Joe “Joekerism” Kent that allowed this to happen, so make sure you follow him and his YouTube channel (and his Patreon!) for more great video content throughout 2018 and beyond.
The best of 2017 video includes more than 10 great plays from the following UK players:

  • kerber0s
  • The Governor
  • Snuggli
  • Caedrel
  • Fredsta
  • Demo
  • Skudzy
  • Innaxe
  • Theswiftexile
  • Shiklin
  • Ayleex
  • LemoKnight
  • Joekerism

This project allowed UK League of Legends players of any skill level to send in their plays.
We got a lot of submissions, so sorry if your clip wasn’t included in the montage – there’s always next year!
Thanks to everyone who sent in their plays and again to Joekerism for putting together the video.
You can check out the top UK LoL plays of 2016 from last year here.

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