Why are esports and Bitcoin becoming mainstream?

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If you had asked an investment or wealth adviser in 2008 after the financial crisis, none would have suggested to buy Bitcoin.
Even now in 2018 after it has outperformed every asset class for the last few years, there are still skeptics. If you had a Bitcoin Wallet with a few hundred BTC back in 2007 (which would have been worth less than a dollar), you would now be extremely rich.
With huge price volatility, it makes investors nervous so it is understandable why it has its doubters. One thing is for certain – cryptocurrencies are trending and they are changing the way that money is created along with distributed.
Elsewhere, when esports first started out, some major tech players may have laughed at the thought of it becoming one of the world’s largest watched spectator activities. Back then, who would have thought that watching gamers play video games would generate as much interest as the Super Bowl?
Now all the major global brands are taking notice and trying to get a piece of the billion dollar industry.
As we get ever closer to the end of the decade, the two laughing stocks are going to be two of the two biggest global players in their respective sectors. Gamers are going to be the new sports stars of the future, and with gaming technologies and skills improving all the time, it is going to take the industry to new record-breaking levels.
Looking back at Bitcoin and co, there are many economic circumstances that will help to increase the popularity of cryptocurrencies. The popularity of Bitcoin increases around bad economic news, as it is seen as a safe haven after the Greece and Cyprus crisis, which limited bank accounts of all citizens.
Bitcoin will come under threat but what it has shown over the last 10 years is that it can survive everything including the kitchen sink – and still come back to flourish.
Meanwhile, betting on esports is becoming extremely popular online – and some of the most popular sites for this are Bitcoin sportsbooks. This is due to gamers loving all things to do with technology – and not always abiding by the system. Bitcoin fits this bill perfectly.
It will probably not be long before games developers release their own cryptocurrencies to take advantage of this huge fanbase. It may be that at some point in the near future a coin is released which rewards players each time they play the game. In fact it’s happening already – Skara awards esports tournament winners with cryptocurrency.
That would be a dream come true for many, as they would be able to sit at home making money playing the games they love most.
Both Bitcoin and esports are going to experience lots of developments over the coming years. Technology is being developed at a staggering rate, so it will not be long before something new comes out to possibly take their limelight, but for now, they are on a rapid rise to world domination.

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