Video: UK League of Legends Top Plays Montage (edited by Joekerism)

Esports News UK has teamed up with UK Master ADC League of Legends player Joe “Joekerism” Kent to produce a video of top plays.
We asked you back in September 2016 to send in your favourite clips, and Joe has been hard at work editing them into a three-minute highlight video.
Our goal from the outset was to highlight some great UK League of Legends plays, regardless of elo. If you’re wondering why some players weren’t included in this vid, or if you’d like to be featured in montage videos in the future, make sure you send in your top clips to us using the link above!
Players featured in this specific montage include Brixton (as Lissandra), Bamforth (Vayne), iCrane (Lucian), Tolkin & exceL Esports (Yasuo), Synygy (Zed), UoB BlueBear (Jinx), Joekerism (Ezreal) and Skudzy (Kindred).
As well as playing for top-level UK teams (and featuring at the League Fest Pro-Am alongside LemonNation), Joekerism is an editor. Joe has produced several YouTube montage videos in the past, including a few showing off his own top plays, as well as videos for Pornstar Zilean and Shaclone.
Check out the top plays video here:

Make sure you subscribe to Joekerism on YouTube (and ENUK!) for more videos like this. You can also follow ENUK and Joekerism on Twitter.
And as it’s January 1st, we’d of course like to wish you all a very happy new year.
Thanks for following ENUK and here’s to even more great plays in 2017.

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