How to complete the Mage Tower challenge as an Outlaw Rogue

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Here’s how to get the mage tower challenge (An Impossible Foe) done as an Outlaw Rogue in World of Warcraft.
After scouring forums and sites looking for tips, some information was good and some was incomplete. Here’s what worked best for us, in guide and video form.


– Got my item level up to 924 through BGs, Antorus LFR and world quests/910 items in the vindicaar
– I used Swordmaster, Acrobatic Strikes, Vigor, Iron Stomach, Dirty Tricks, Killing Spree and Slice and Dice
– The reason I use Slice and Dice over Roll the Bones and Marked for Death is it’s a lot easier to manage and keep it up throughout the fight
– I used Greenskins Waterlogged Wristcuffs and Traxi’s Tricksy Treads as my two legendaries, but there are probably much better ones out there for this fight
– If you’re wondering what those mines are underneath Agatha, they come from my trinket, which is pretty handy for this fight


– Used the following pots at the start of the fight:
– Flask of Ten Thousand Scars (boosts stamina, lasts 1 hour, persists through death)
– Lightblood Elixir (bonus damage to demons)
– Defiled Augment Rune (agility boost)
– Sylvan Elixir (increases all stats by 10%)
– Spiced Falcosaur Omelet (this one’s really important, it gives you a speed boost and haste boost after every kill)
– Get lots of Potion of Prolonged Power (lasts 1min, boosts all stats, you want to pop these periodically)
– Get some Drums of Fury for an extra haste boost mid-fight
– Get some Ancient Healing Potion if things get hairy


– To start, I turn on Blade Flurry, pop the Potion of Prolonged Power while stealthed, then immediately attack Agatha, build up some combo points to use Slice and Dice
– You want to get the adds down quickly else they’ll overrun you, so focus the adds at all times over Agatha
– Although I use Blade Flurry, don’t worry too much about trying to group the imps close together. I go one by one
– I always kill the imps in this priority: Smoldering, Umbral, Imp Servants and then Fuming Imps
– I tried not to spend time killing the Fuming Imps, just kite them out of the way and let them start to blow themselves up when they get near you (but move away from them just before they blow themselves up). Their puddles will slow you down so just move them out of the main way or put them under Agatha
– When killing the two Imp Servants, I immediately interrupt them both, this stops them healing Agatha and increasing her damage. Once they’re both interrupted, then I dps them down. I try to save Kick for Agatha, so I use Between the Eyes and Gouge for these imps
– Don’t run to the Imp Servants right away when they’re at the other end of the room, keep dpsing Agatha til they come closer
– When all imps are dead, dps Agatha steadily and use this time to keep your Slice and Dice up
– I turn Blade Flurry off when fighting Agatha alone, to build my energy back up quicker
IMPORTANT: When Agatha casts her shield, burst it down, then after it’s gone, interrupt her. If you don’t interrupt her, she’ll do a ton of damage to you. Remember you can’t damage her if any Umbral imps are still alive


– Save sprint to chase her when she teleports
– When I get to her again, I pop Drums at Fury at this point as it can be hard to get all the imps down on time
– Avoid the boulders at all costs. At the first part of this stage, keep Agatha so she’s facing you and her back is to the wall, that way you can see the boulders coming towards you.
– When she moves again, position the camera so you can see down the hall to see the boulders coming towards you. So have your back to the wall at this point and Agatha facing you
– Use Crimson Vial and Ancient Healing Potion if things get tough
– Remember to pop Potion of Prolonged Power when it’s available to do so again
– Keep repeating the steps above!
– If you can’t do it, come back when your ilvl is higher
Good luck and I hope you enjoyed this video and guide.

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