Overwatch World Cup: Which teams will the UK play in Group H?

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Blizzard has announced how the Overwatch World Cup match ruling and scheduling will work.
32 countries have been placed into eight groups of four. The regions are China, Australia, Poland, and the US.

  • China: Groups A/B
  • Australia: Groups C/D
  • Poland: Groups E/F
  • US:  Groups G/H

The United Kingdom is in Group H, along with Germany, Israel, and Belgium. In the opposing Group G, USA, Chinese Taipei, Brazil, and New Zealand will be battling it out for top two in their group. These two groups will be in the United States Bracket, with tickets going live for eager fans soon.
Group G and H offer a good possibility for the banter-friendly EU/NA rivalry that exists across all esports.
Each region has two groups, with teams competing within their group to finish as a top two team. Those two teams will then head into a playoff elimination alongside the other group’s top two.
The top two teams in that regions playoffs will then go into the top eight part of the tournament, which will begin in November.
You can see the full list of groups here.

Team UK

The UK team consists of:

  • numlocked –  NRG Tank
  • Hayes –  eUnited Coach
  • Stylosa – Youtuber


  • ChrisTFer – Tank player for Hammers
  • Kruise – Flex player for eUnited
  • Smex – Flex player for Th0nkers
  • MikeyA –  DPS player currently LFT
  • Boombox – Support for eUnited
  • Realzx –  DPS for Ninjas with Attitude

Information taken from Liquipedia.
The UK team compared to last year’s is a very strong line-up. Both the committee (who pick the team) and the players have competitive experience in the big leagues, and the players are versatile within the game’s competitive roles.
This is what you can expect from the hype the UK team is creating for itself.

Group H is expected to play around August 11th to 13th.
The UK scene is behind you, good luck Team UK!

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