Ashley Haynes hits back at Arctic: "In terms of deceiving, I've done nothing of the sort"

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Earlier today, Maximilian Cabanski, the founder of German esports organisation Arctic Storm, sent a statement to Esports News UK saying his former LoL manager is a ‘deceiver’.
He made these comments after Arctic’s League of Legends team qualified for the UK Masters and were acquired by NerdRage.
Now the League of Legends manager in question – Ashley “Slip” Haynes – has denied he has deceived Arctic or other orgs in the past.
Slip’s new comments come after members of the LoL community including Enclave Gaming made other claims against him on Twitter.
Slip sent his own statement to Esports News UK, outlined in full below.

On ‘deceiving’ claims and Cognate

“In terms of deceiving, I’ve done nothing of the sort whatsoever.
In terms of “glorious managerial stories,” I literally told him nothing like that since I don’t really have any history, the only thing I told him about was my knowledge on the scene.
As for “robbing and harassing,” Cognate eSports gave me an unreasonable offer and I looked elsewhere, now at this point the offer is irrelevant as my opinion isn’t really any business of the public. However if a team is looking for an org, in terms of personality and work-ability, I would 100% recommend Cognate because they are very good to work with and in that sense I honestly don’t have a negative word to say about them.

On Digital Warfare

Next up is Digwar… now the Digwar incident is a long story… But basically what happened was I coached their second team a little at i60. At first I really enjoyed it, again I don’t really have a bad word personally to any of them, but I lost interest since I felt like I wasn’t really being listened to.
Coming into the finals on stage at i60 with the main team, I had built a good relationship with their players and actually knew one of them prior to this, and I felt since they had no coach I could benefit them. Several times they said: “Yeah that’s awesome thanks etc.”
And they never gave me any real opportunity. I felt pretty disrespected in that regard when I see Jake (Digital Warfare manager) on stage with them in what seemed to be him trying to make himself look good.
After the finals I consolidated one of the players because the owner kind of seemed like he was mothering and almost patronising towards the end – and eventually cheered the player up.
Then before going home, I spoke to another player and asked for his plans after this, and if he’s contracted or open to offers. He said he wasn’t contracted and down to speak, so I followed up on it.
After that, I kind of got a lot of hate from them and they went on to call me a snake… Now I don’t know if others agree, but from my point of view if you do not contract your players they along with other teams have every right to speak to the player and make them an offer.
So I cannot stress this enough to new orgs, teams or managers, but CONTRACT YOUR DAMN PLAYERS. It is literally impossible for them to get ‘poached’.
As far as whoever complex goes, I’ve literally never heard of whoever these are so that’s a huge ????

On Radix eSports

Finally, Radix…
I spoke with Radix in depth with plans and for the whole of Wednesday it felt like I was being harassed for an answer from them. And it also felt like I was being backed into a corner to say yes [and be acquired by them].
So naturally I told them I wanted to hold off and view my other offers. It seemed like he [Afro, owner of Radix] instantly got defensive and kept on trying to find ways to make me say yes.
Eventually when I turned him down I ended up getting a bit of abuse from him afterward for whatever reason.
Moving on to “me promising profit” to this org. As a matter of fact I didn’t want to say this purely out of respect to Max, but the reason I lost interest and respect for him was because initially, we were offered €400 per player per month, and at this point I was willing to 100% guarantee the right team to smash UK Masters with that, as literally anybody could.
He also promised a gaming house if we made it to CSQ and it was kind of unbelievable at that point but I went along with it.
As soon as we got around to the contracts, he instantly started back tracking on it and it honestly felt like he made unrealistic offers to us to secure us, and even at that point Radix agreed with us, which is why they contacted us in the first place.
In terms of me asking for funding, I didn’t know whether or not getting finals fully funded the whole of Insomnia or not. After speaking to a few of the players on the team I thought it would only be funded for one day, which would’ve been the finals.
So in terms of that, I was more or less just securing the funding if it was needed, and eventually came around to conclusion that it wasn’t.
Towards the point of funding the team, he started backing out because he was going to pick up a CSQ team and for whatever reason expected us to just randomly enter? I explained to him multiple times that we weren’t in CSQ already and wasn’t successful, but for whatever reason he didn’t seem to understand and pumped the funding we were promised into a team that had already qualified for CSQs.
After that failed, his aspirations of “funding” kinda faded and it wasn’t really mentioned on his end at all.
In terms of switching orgs, he had not done what was promised to us in order for us to switch to them in the first place. And when it came to Radix, I asked him if another org wanted to buy us out, would it be okay on his end.
He said the following: “Of course better offers happen all the time, and I’m honest to you: do whatever yo you want after UK Masters, if the contracts run out you can do whatever you want.”
I explained that if they wanna buy us out, and we agree on the offer, then I would like to pursue that and he said: “I won’t harass someone to stay with me. If you would get better offers then you should go, but actually most orgs won’t.”
I have screenshots as proof of these quotes.
Thanks for hearing my side.”
nR Slip

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