UK League of Legends 2021 spring roster roundup: NLC, UKLC and UKEL teams and casters listed


Now that 2020 is over and a new League of Legends season has begun, it’s back to the core business at hand which is the glorious return of competitive LoL in the UK.

With the NLC’s premier system and ecosystem returning to the fold, viewers are blessed with three tiers of competition once again: the upper-tier NLC, mid-tier UKLC and lower-tier UKEL. Megalodontus gathers all the roster reveals for 2021 in one handy article.

Casters for the NLC, UKLC and UKEL

We see the return of our usual suspects plus one familiar face in Jamada, who was invited to cast the NLC Fall Open most recently.

Aux announced that he would be stepping down from casting the UKLC, which means Hiprain and Jamada will be leading the helm instead.

The UKEL has expanded its broadcast team for 2021. With familiar faces returning, the UKEL has also added Godsent head coach Jon Ellis and Guild Esports director of esports Grant Rousseau.

With the casters list finalised, all that’s left are the teams themselves.

NLC groups, teams and rosters

The two groups for 2021 spring are:

Fnatic Rising

They’ve also announced Hugo ‘Lindgarde’ Lindgรคrde as their substitute botlaner.

BT Excel


Tricked Esport

MNM Gaming

Granit Gaming

Team Singularity

Barrage Esports



KOVA Esports

Riddle Esports

UKLC teams and rosters

Due to Phelan Gaming withdrawing from the UKLC for spring the Munster late payments scandal, DreamHack opened their spot to Bulldog Esports and NerdRage, who were in the UKLC promotion tournament previously.

Bulldog Esports won in a convincing 3-0 yesterday and thus returned to the UKLC, while NerdRage remains in the UKEL.

The eight UKLC team rosters are as follows:

NVision Esports



Barrage Academy

MNM Gaming Academy

London Esports


Bulldog Esports

UKEL teams and rosters

While many were initially skeptical, UKEL founder and ops director Alex ‘Synygy’ Winton has confirmed that Munster Rugby Gaming’s application to join the UKEL was very strong, and Munster have joined the UKEL, this time without a partner organisation running their operations.

There are currently six announced team rosters, with two to follow. We’ll update this article with their teams as they’re revealed.

Hyve Central

Lucendi Gaming

Lucendi also announced two substitute players.

Mythos Gaming

Viperio Esports

Demise Academy


Munster Rugby Gaming


The NLC gets underway on Twitch on January 19th, the UKLC starts on January 17th (on Twitch and BBC) and the UKEL begins on January 21st

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