MnM looking at finding a 'more permanent' gaming house after bootcamp

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UK esports org MnM Gaming is considering sorting out a more permanent base of operations following its gaming house bootcamp this month.
The team is training together ahead of their League of Legends EU Challenger Series Qualifier matches.
Co-founder Daniel “Javelin” Chung told Esports News UK during our video interview with MnM yesterday that the house has a ton of benefits.
“It basically enhances our potential to deliver what we want to do for the scene,” he said. “Obviously that poses new challenges but it’s also opened up new aspirations in that we’ll probably look towards building a more permanent base for MnM. After spending one or two weeks here we can sort of see the value of it.
“It’s not just for the one team, say, we can shoot content, we can house players, we can do all sorts from a gaming house. There’s a lot of value that we can deliver and generate from the scene having a base.”

“We’ll probably look towards building a more permanent base for MnM. After spending one or two weeks here we can see the value of it.”

Javelin added: “We’re aware of the significance of the house. It’s not just about us, it’s about setting a precedent for the scene, so we’ve kind of got pressure from that. Everyone’s eyes are on us as organisation owners.
“Overall it’s been really good. We’ve been happy having one location to facilitate all the things that we do. We’ve had Rhys Rasmussen helping us out with content. At I-series and other events it’s very difficult to churn out the content we want given how short the timeframe is.
“Whereas in the house we have a studio setup, if we want something down we can get it done very quickly. It’s more efficient for us to have a stationary base where we can shoot content from and do things.”
On MnM’s sponsors and supporters, Javelin commented: “We wouldn’t be able to do this without Stormforce.
“Stormforce have pretty much provided the majority of the stuff (including systems, pictured), and obviously Zotac have contributed, and Gamers Apparel are also making some pretty serious contributions to the house.
“Everyone is getting their own personalised mouse mats and snapbacks, and T-shirts and hoodies. Everyone is chipping in because they can see the significance of the house.

“We’ve got the BBC coming in next week so we’ll be appearing on the segment. It’ll be pre-recorded but it’s a significant milestone.
“We’re also looking to invite Microsoft over to the house again, they’ve been keen to work with the organisation.
“We’re trying to get as much exposure out there.”
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