Multiplay Insomnia lowers prize pools for League of Legends and Dota 2 at i59

Multiplay has decreased the amount of prize money that’s up for grabs in its League of Legends and Dota 2 UK eSports tournaments at i59.
Each competition will have a starting prize pool of £1,500, rising to £2,250 if at least 16 teams sign up, and £3,000 if 32 or more teams take part.
If less than 16 organisations take part, the winning team will take home £750, second place will receive £375, third will take home £250 and fourth will win £125.
This is a significant fall from i58, which had a £8,000 League of Legends prize pool and a £5,000 Dota 2 pool.
The LoL winners at i58 won £4,000, second picked up £1,700, third £1,000 and fourth £500, with fifth to eight winning £200 each.
However, Multiplay is currently running a separate £20,000 League of Legends UK Masters tournament.

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Despite this, the drop has still drawn criticism and debate from some within the UK eSports scene.

On Call of Duty, Multiplay said more information is “coming soon”.
i59 recently announced a new look and its other eSports tournaments, including a £3,000 Battlefield 1 competition, £5,000 CSGO open, £3,000 Rocket League tourney, plus an Overwatch open with a max prize pot of £5,000.
There’s also a £2,000 Hearthstone tournament, though there’s been no mention of another $30,000 Hearthstone Truesilver Championship yet.
More changes are due at i60 in spring 2017. There will be bands from Island Records playing live, ‘all new evening entertainment, interactive gaming zones, BYOC chillout zones’ and what’s being described as a ‘creative challenge’.
In the meantime, Insomnia59 takes place at the Birmingham NEC from December 9th to 11th.

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