Multiplay grows UK Masters with new £20,000 LoL and £7,500 Hearthstone tournaments

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Event organiser Multiplay has announced new League of Legends and Hearthstone UK Masters eSports competitions.
The news comes after Multiplay’s first CSGO UK Masters tournament concluded, with Caz eSports beating FM-eSports in the final at i58.
The Masters tournaments start ahead of i-series and have their finals at LAN. But they are separate to the usual i58 tournaments, with the top two teams in the UK Masters being granted top seeds in the usual i58 competition.
The new League of Legends UK Masters boasts a £20,000 prize pool, Hearthstone promises a £7,500 pool and CSGO’s prize pool has also been increased to £20,000 for Season 2.
UK Masters Season 2 will retain the prizing structure from last season, so prizes will be awarded to teams and players during the league and playoff stages, alongside the prizing from the grand finals, taking place at i59 from December 9th to 12th at the Birmingham NEC.
Hearthstone and League will have two online qualifiers, which get underway on Monday September 26th and Monday October 3rd. The top four from each will advance into the league.
CSGO will have three online qualifiers, on Wednesdays (September 21st, September 28th and October 5th).
Last season’s top two CSGO teams – Caz and FM – have been invited to season two already.
Multiplay said in a statement: “It’s a really exciting time to be involved with UK eSports and we’re really excited about UK Masters Season 2.”
Teams can sign up to enter on the UK Masters website.

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