Top 5 League of Legends players from this week's Schalke scrims

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Ex-LCS team and German football club Schalke 04 have been holding League of Legends player trials this week. In this opinion piece, UK caster Aaron “Sona” Chamberlain looks back on the ‘Scouting Days’ event and picks his top players from the scrims.
Over the last week, Schalke 04 have given the public a unique view into their player selection and drafting process.
After being relegated from the LCS in their debut split, Schalke realised the need to nurture new and upcoming talent if they were to regain their spot.
12 competitors were invited to test their mechanics in a livestreamed three-day scrim extravaganza.
With some well-known faces, such as Tabzz, Steve and P1noy all involved, it was up to the new stars to try to rise to the challenge.
Here are my top 5 performers:

Top lane: Steve 

Notable mention: Doxy

Having previously played in the LCS for Schalke, Elements and Roccat, Steve has always been a consistently strong top lane performer.
Over the scrims he was dependable in the top lane, with strong macro and micro plays. It was rare for him to lose his lane, even when the champion matchup was against him.

Jungle: Broxah

Notable mention: Rudy

From the first game, Broxah showed his intent to dominate. After taking a year off school to develop his game, Broxah is a stand-out talent in the jungle.
Incredibly aggressive, with his builds verging on overly damage orientated, if he gets ahead, he stays ahead.

Mid: Hatrixx

Notable mentions: Caedrel, FD GOD

This is one of the hardest lanes to pick a winner. Both Hatrixx and Caedrel had some superb games with FD God lagging slightly behind.
I’ve gone with Hatrixx as he showed a larger champion pool with some great matches on Kassadin and Aurelion Sol. A close pick, this one could have gone either way.

ADC: P1noy

Notable mentions: Tabzz, Toaster
There is a reason that gambit gaming was feared by many LCS teams and p1noy exemplifies that.
Although he joined Gambit in their twilight years, he showed us here the destructive aggression in the early game (with strong positioning) that he was well known for. Alongside that, he has experience of playing on the big stage.

Support: Treatz

Notable mention: Visdom

Again, this is a very difficult match-up to call. If the scrims had ended after day one, Treatz would have been a shoe-in. However, he struggled a little on day two with some misplays costing his team dearly.
I’m going with him as he had good synergy with every AD carry and was more consistent than Visdom in the role.

In summary

The last few days gave us just a glimpse of the decision-making process behind creating a winning eSports line-up. It’s whet my appetite and I can’t wait for more teams to follow in Schalke’s footsteps.

Note: At the time of publishing, Schalke haven’t yet announced who they will be taking to Poland to take part in a LAN this weekend, nor have they said if any players from the trials will be joining their Challenger Series team. UK mid-laner Caedrel said on Twitter that Schalke was scouting new talent, not making a CS team. He said that he, along with others, agreed not to go to Poland “because of their conditions” but added that the event was fun.
About the author
Aaron “Sona” Chamberlain is a UK eSports caster, predominantly focusing on League of Legends and Vainglory.
He has extensive experience globally within these fields and is known as a ‘play-by-play’ caster.
He is renowned for his ability to generate excitement, build storylines and reach a level of words-per-minute that no other human can physically achieve. Aaron also regular works with fellow caster Ceirnan “Excoundrel” Lowe (check out our Sona and Excoundrel UK Masters highlight video here).
Twitter: SonatheCaster

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