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The UK Masters has concluded its third week of action, and we are here to bring you up to speed with what you may have missed this week and last week.
Week 2 – Day One
Synygy’s Angels (Bulldog eSports) vs Sensei
Distrikt vs UK Legends

The games between Synygy’s Angels and Sensei saw the ESL UK Premiership side Sensei take the first game in the series, only to suffer a shock defeat in game two to end the series 1-1.

Game two of the day saw Distrikt take on UK Legends. It was an all too one-sided affair for Distrikt as they took the series in a clean 2-0 sweep, leaving UK Legends to lick their wounds and have another shot at glory in the coming weeks.
Week 2 – Day Two
TCA eSports vs exceL
Perilous Gaming vs MnM

Day Two saw four teams who will be well known to ESL UK Premiership fans, with some real big hitters on display across the four games.
exceL achieved a comfortable 2-0 victory in the series versus TCA, while MnM also beat Perilous 2-0.
More UK Premiership combatants took to the UK Master challenge in game two of the day with MnM taking on Perilous Void.
Much like game one of the day, it was a clean  sweep for MnM over Perilous Void as MnM took the series in an all too convincing fashion. They will join fellow day two teams TCA and exceL at the ESL finals finals this weekend at MCM London Comic Con.

Week 3 – Day One
MnM vs Bulldog eSports
Perilous Gaming vs UK Legends

MnM were back in action this week as they faced off against Bulldog eSports (aka Synygy’s Angels).
MnM took a comfortable 2-0 series win over Bulldog eSports. The 2-0 series will be perfect stage practice ahead of this Saturday’s ESL Finals.
Series two of the day was between last week’s losing sides, facing off against one another to reclaim their pride ahead of week four.
UK Legends did just that, as they recorded a 2-0 victory over the 2016 UK Premiership side, giving them a boost heading into next week’s games.
Week 3 – Day Two
Distrikt vs TCA
exceL vs Sensei

Day two started with Distrikt taking on TCA. Last week saw both teams compete in 2-0 series, with TCA coming off the worse.
Distrikt are not a fan of redemption stories, as they breezed through the series against TCA 2-0 with some convincing League of Legends play.
exceL versus Sensei was our fourth and final series of the week, as Premiership teams collided in the UK Masters.
It was a tight first game, but a much more comfortable second game saw exceL take the series 2-0, ending another top week in the UK Masters.

That’s a wrap
Week three comes to an end, and with the UK ESL Premiership finals this weekend and UK Masters returning (and the small case of the Worlds finals on Sunday), it’s going to be a great weekend for League of Legends.
The league will continue each Monday and Tuesday evening from 7pm to 11pm over on the UK Masters Twitch channel.
Here are the standings so far:
Source: lol.esportswikis.com

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