FM-eSports and Choke Gaming stay top of the ESL League of Legends UK Premiership

FM-eSports and Choke Gaming held their positions at the top of the League of Legends ESL UK Premiership table today after beating bottom-of-the-league exceL eSports 2-1 and the NUEL 2-0 respectively.
That’s five straight wins for both FM and Choke, but they are yet to play some of their closest rivals near the top of the table.

In the FM/exceL match, FM took game one, coming back into the game after a shaky start, with exceL hauled themselves back into the match in game two, making it 1-1.
In game three, first blood went to FM, via a nice early gank by Keeno Combo top, working with Flaxxishhh in lane.
Around the 14-minute mark in game three, a teamfight kicked off in exceL’s jungle, with a 3-1 trade going FM’s way.
KoMei (Tundra) made a superb slow as Tahm Kench at this point to save FM’s ADC Toaster123’s life.
Another fight at 17 minutes in saw the score swing 7-5 in FM’s favour. At this point, FM also had the gold lead (32k to exceL’s 25k) and a CS advantage across the board.
Once again, ZiViZ continued his fine form in the ESL UK Premiership, with a score of 3/0/3 and 202 CS as LeBlanc mid at the 20-minute mark.
After a strong push mid a few minutes later, FM went 11-6 up and took exceL’s mid-lane inhibitor. Then, an Ace at the 24-minute mark put FM even further ahead in game three, with a score of 16-7, and a 13k gold advantage.
FM eventually won the final game 23-8 on the 17-minute mark.
It’s still a strange Premiership table, with FM on 12 points, Choke on 12, two teams on nine points and four on zero. exceL and the NUEL will be disappointed they have yet to pick up a win, especially considering some of their play has been well worthy of a win or two.
FM/exceL game three stats

For NUEL, it was a tough 2-0 defeat to Choke, who exerted their dominance on the newly rearranged university superteam.
Choke/NUEL game two stats
Players and positions

  • Flaxxishhh (top)
  • Keeno Combo (jungle)
  • ZiViZ (mid)
  • Toaster123 (ADC)
  • KoMei emiKo (support – Tundra)

exceL eSports

  • xL Billy (top)
  • O NO its MALDO (jungle)
  • xL Ped (mid)
  • Hi Im Icy (ADC)
  • xL Exabyte (support)

Choke Gaming

  • numlocked (top)
  • Nocturnal Plex (jungle)
  • Ravenno (mid)
  • Joekerism (ADC)
  • The Hadow (support)


  • Viktorio (top)
  • ShavenTortoise (jungle)
  • LADT Rayunmort (mid)
  • Droolz (ADC)
  • Mazrim (support)

ESL UK League of Legends Premiership Standings:

  1. FM-eSports – 12 points (four matches)
  2. Choke Gaming – 12 points (four matches)
  3. Team Infused – 9 points (three matches)
  4. Exertus Esports – 9 points (three matches)
  5. Team Paria – 0 points (three matches)
  6. Terra Cotta Army – 0 points (three matches)
  7. exceL eSports – 0 points (four matches)
  8. NUEL – 0 points (four matches)
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