'It's too expensive to become a full-time pro eSports player in the UK' – Acer

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PC maker Acer says more Asian players are succeeding in the global eSports scene because it’s more affordable for them to turn their hobby into a full-time profession, than it is for players in Western European countries like the UK.

A company spokesperson told eSports News UK: “Esports in the UK and other Western European countries is just starting to pick-up compared to Central or especially Eastern Europe. Not because our players are less talented, but more because of the conditions for players and gaming organisations.
“If you see the top players, especially in the big team categories like CSGO, League of Legends and Dota, there are more or less only Asian and Eastern European ones.
“The reason is simple – it is much more affordable for them to play full-time in some of those countries. And playing full-time is more or less mandatory to play at the highest level.  The only exception seems to be FIFA. In this game, UK always produces some of the top players.”
When asked if Acer has any plans to introduce or sponsor a top-level League of Legends team, the spokesperson added: “We already have a female LoL team in place which competed at EWSC, the official World Championship.
“It is not easy to find additional LoL teams to compete at the top level. First of all, it only makes sense to add a team before the start of a new season. Secondly it also depends on the rules of Riot for adding a new team. We and Team Acer actively monitor the scene for new developments in this area.”
Acer competed with Team Alternate (led by a UK coach) in the female League of Legends tournament last month.
Acer was speaking to PCR about its line of Predator tablets, notebooks, desktops and monitors at a recent showcase event.

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