ITB founder’s Tinder profile to feature on Ruddy Esports jerseys?

ITB founder Tinder profile Ruddy Esports jersey

Update: A source reached out to Esports News UK after the publication of this article, saying the sponsorship breaches the ERL rulebook. Specifically, pages 62/63, which state that ‘any other esports team, owner, or affiliate thereof’ is a prohibited sponsor. So, we’ve added a question mark to the end of our headline, as it looks like this may not be allowed after all. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Original article:

The CEO and founder of UK esports organisation Into the Breach has sponsored fellow UK org Ruddy Esports in an unusual partnership deal featuring his Tinder profile.

Figuring out whether a tweet from Ruddy Esports is them mucking about or actually something that has happened is getting harder and harder these days, but we’re told this sponsorship is the real deal.

ITB founder Sam Cook has given a £2,000 investment to Ruddy, and in return, his Tinder profile and face will be on the back of their jerseys. ‘Hairline Airlines’ is on the front, with a Ruddy logo reminiscent of the classic Arsenal football club crest.

“Sam has correctly identified us as a centre of excellence in the field of tings,” Ruddy said. “His further nomadic expenditure into the world of dating apps is likely to see a 5,000% increase in success! Thank you!

“You can purchase this quintessential garment at a warehouse near you very shortly! For now you can secure yourself a preorder by subscribing to the Ruddy Corp Patreon.”

The news comes shortly after Into the Breach secured a million-dollar yearly investment from

ITB founder Sam Cook added: “Thanks Ruddy – truly a privilege. Can’t wait to set the norm for future sponsorships.

“Doing my bit to brighten the esports winter by sponsoring Ruddy and [Ruddy co-owner] DonJake by having my dating profile on their jersey,” Sam Cook added. “Contact me for romantic interest or unpaid internships.

“Requirements for both:

  • 6 ft minimum (without heels)
  • Your favourite cosplay is as a functioning human without clinical depression
  • Several hours a week watching loneliness fandom complications on YouTube
  • Unironically listen to Yung Lean
  • Jaded and wearied being (Examples: Rooney Mara in GWTDT, Zazie Beetz in Atlanta, Emma Stone in Birdman or Michaela Coel in I May Destroy You)
  • Understands eggs are not eggs, they’re eggy weggies
  • Fitness enthusiast, such as running from commitments
  • Boeing whistle-blower

“Please note, not looking for a ‘partner in crime’ – my criminal activities are all done solo, thanks, not some amateur who leaves witnesses. All interested parties either DM me on Twitter or email sam@itb-esports with your CV (for romantic interests) or your dating profile (for the unpaid internship). Thanks, Sam (Esports Mogul and billionaire CEO).”

UK esports. It never ceases to surprise us.

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