The Pied Piper of Berlin: Caedrel joins Fnatic, will co-stream the LEC and more

Caedrel joins Fnatic

Popular UK League of Legends streamer Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont (aka The Rat King, King of Rats, Pedro) has joined London-headquartered esports organisation Fnatic.

The move will allow him to co-stream the LEC Winter 2024 split on-site, as streamers have to be a part of a team organisation to do so.

Caedrel said: “Thank you so much to the FNC family for the warm welcome.

“The last time I joined an org as a co-streamer was DRX for LCK… and they won Worlds. So don’t worry, you’re in good hands with me and the degenerate rats.”

Fnatic announced the news with this video on X (formerly known as Twitter) and, to ‘Marc’ the occasion (bad pun very much intended), changed their profile picture to an xdd rat emote, which is often spammed in Caedrel’s chat.

Fnatic founder and CEO Sam Mathews tweeted, saying: “We did it! Welcome to the family, King. So fucking excited. @Caedrel #alwaysfnatic Step 2 on year of XX.”

Forget the rat-charming Pied Piper of Hamelin, Caedrel will become the Pied Piper of Berlin as he co-streams the LEC from Riot’s revamped Rat Games Riot Games Arena in Germany.

It’s not the first time Caedrel has streamed for a team before. As he mentioned, he was with DRX in the past, and two years ago, Caedrel returned to Excel Esports (now known as GiantX) as a content creator.

Well-known League personality Caedrel stepped back from casting a few months ago to focus on streaming.

Prior to his casting and streaming career, he competed as a pro player on teams like Excel and H2K.

Now, as Caedrel joins Fnatic, he’s firing on all cylinders into 2024 like rat-a-tat-tat (sorry, not sorry).

He’s also outlined some of his other plans for 2024, including co-streaming the LEC, LCK and LPL (with the NA LCS notably absent from said list), as well as streaming the T1 Academy LCKCL and following Rekkles on that team.

Caedrel joins other LEC co-streamers Tolkin, Ibai and Kameto.

The news comes a few days after the LEC Winter 2024 broadcast talent line-up was announced, and just before the first matches of the season get underway on January 13th 2024.

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