Caedrel joins DRX as its official global streamer and will co-stream LCK matches

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Update (2022): Caedrel commented on this deal in an interview on joining Excel as a content creator, saying he wasn’t a streamer for DRX as such.

“How the LCK works is, to co-stream the LCK, you need to be part of a team in the LCK,” he said. “So the LCK teams get given licenses to give to their streamers to watch the LCK.

“I never joined them under an official contract to stream or produce content for them, they just gave me their license and I would watch their games, that was the trade-off.”

Original article: British LEC caster and former pro League of Legends player, Marc ‘Caedrel’ Lamont, has joined South Korean esports organisation DRX as its official global streamer.

The former League of Legends pro player – who left Excel Esports in late 2020 to focus on his career as a caster – has more than 100,000 followers on Twitch and 76,000 on Twitter.

Caedrel has been embraced by the League of Legends community and this announcement is the latest development in his esports career. He said he’s excited to be joining DRX and will be co-streaming some of the LCK matches.

DRX said in the tweet: “Caedrel, who will become the official global streamer for DRX, is a popular streamer with 100,000 Twitch followers and is currently an analyst at the LEC.

“In the future, please keep an eye out for Caedrel, who will broadcast DRX’s matches in a fun and exciting way!”

DRX of course play in the LCK along with other Korean sides such as DWG Kia, T1, KT Rolster, Gen.G and more.

Caedrel made headlines earlier this month after making this kind gesture in solo queue.

“In the future, please keep an eye out for Caedrel, who will broadcast DRX’s matches in a fun and exciting way!”


Earlier this year, he got involved in a bit of League of Legends drama with popular US coach, streamer and analyst Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare, after Caedrel questioned LS’ views on Renekton. LS also streams for a Korean team in the LCK: T1.

Caedrel had played for many teams over the years before switching to the broadcast desk, including Giants, Renegades, H2k, Excel Esports and others.

Caedrel was also featured in the BBC’s ‘Fight For First’ Excel Esports TV documentary, which we reviewed earlier this year.

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