UK esports orgs exit Apex Legends ALGS Split 2 Playoffs

Vexed Apex Legends ALGS team London

Three UK esports organisations were knocked out of the Apex Legends ALGS Split 2 Playoffs in London today.

Both Vexed Gaming (pictured) and Noctem Esports exited the tournament in the losers bracket after failing to have a good impact at the event.

However, JLingz Esports made it through to elimination bracket (see their celebrations below).

But JLingz didn’t manage to finish in the top ten there, this evening, and so they were also knocked out.

JLingz coach coldjyn said:

London-headquartered org Fnatic are also still in the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs, though their all-Japan team is not usually UK-based.

Vexed coach, Loopy, said: “Wish I could be stronger in these moments, nothing I can do can change the results in the moment or after. Seeing the players fight and work towards a common goal and come up short hurts a lot. Once again, I appreciate the fans and support we had this LAN.

“Yesterday was tough too, we had plenty of opportunities to find success and it slipped from our grasp.”

Vexed player Tyler also told Hannah Marie for Esports News UK: “Coming into this, we were contesting TSM, which was going fine at the start. However, after a while, we started dropping the ball.

“They have already qualified for the championship and we have not, so there’s more pressure on us. We had to leave our spot.”

Noctem Esports founder Jack Stovell added:

Jesse Lingard, the footballer who founded JLingz Esports two years ago, also had a message for his players ahead of the ALGS Split 2 Playoffs at London’s Copper Box Arena.

He said: “Just want to say to my Apex boys, Jmw, Naghz and Noiises, kill it, smash it, and of course the coach coldjyn, get them concentrated! Good luck, I’m supporting you, I’m rooting for you, let’s go baby!”

Hannah Marie, reporter for Esports News UK, was also featured on the official Apex Legends stream twice, showing her support for JLingz’ UK boys!

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