RossBoomsocks cosplay set launched: Because there’s nothing more terrifying than dressing up as a League of Legends streamer for Halloween

rossboomsocks cosplay saiko apparel set

Move aside Michael Myers, there’s a new Halloween hoodlum in town.

Spooky season is approaching again next month, and it won’t be long before Halloween costumes appear in shops and supermarkets.

You could do the usual and dress up as a ghost, a witch or a werewolf, maybe a film icon, or even dress to impress with your own custom outfit.

Or, you know, you could go to a party dressed as Scottish League of Legends streamer RossBoomsocks, and really confuse amaze your friends.

Wait, what?

Yes you read that right, the popular LoL content creator now has his own RossBoomsocks cosplay (or ‘Rossplay’) set so everyone can dress up like the silly Scottish streamer.

The bundle consists of a blonde wig, beanie and hoodie, and has been released to ‘Save Halloween’.

The team tells us this infomercial was inspired by the old Cillit Bang adverts

The RossBoomsocks cosplay set costs £50 – the hoodie is usually £34.99 and the beanie £21.99 so it’s a bundle deal with a free blonde wig.

It’s from RossBoomsocks’ Japanese-inspired fashionware brand Saikou Apparel, which he runs with his partner and fellow streamer Maizy Marzipan.

Maizy told Esports News UK: “It’s past September 1st and that obviously means we’re getting ready for spooky season, and Saikou is about to release the spookiest costume of 2021 – a RossBoomsocks Cosplay (you could call is a Rossplay if you’ve been wearing our big brain beanie).

“It’s a bit of fun and we’re pretty excited to launch it, I can’t think of another YouTuber that’s released an official costume of themselves.”

rossboomsocks cosplay items
The full ‘Rossplay’ set

This kind of loveable nonsense doesn’t surprise us one bit – Ross is known for his sense of humour and mucking aboot in League of Legends.

This is the same RossBoomsocks who spent $250 on making his own Urgot plush toy, commentated over 7-hour Iron ranked games and popularised Mathematically Correct Sett.

RossBoomsocks also recently released his own metal music video with Saikou Apparel.

There’s also the Saikou Gaming community, streamers and Discord.

So forget your Michael Myers masks or Scream outfits – there’s surely nothing more terrifying than looking like a pro League of Legends solo queue regular to terrify your friends this Halloween.

You can check out the RossBoomsocks cosplay set on the Saikou Apparel website

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