Red Bull Metropolis announced: UK and Ireland streamers including Biffa, The Spiffing Brit and RTGame to take part in competitive Cities: Skylines event

red bull metropolis

Red Bull and Paradox Interactive have announced the first major competitive Cities: Skyline event, Red Bull Metropolis, with several UK and Ireland streamers taking part.

It will feature popular content creators including the UK’s Biffa Plays Indie Games and The Spiffing Brit, Canada’s Quill18 and Ireland’s RTGame. Red Bull Metropolis will test these players with six 30-minute challenges specially designed to evaluate their city planning skills.

Red Bull Metropolis was developed with support from Paradox Interactive and the Cities: Skylines community. Challenges range from tasking the creators to reduce their city’s traffic by building an effective bike network, to saving the city from a meteor falling from space. Points will be awarded based on a number of in-game factors, as well as creativity, integration and realism. 

US content creator City Planner Plays will also feature, giving expert guidance on how best to complete each map from a professional city planner’s perspective. Fans can watch the tournament live on the Red Bull Twitch and Red Bull Youtube channels, alongside invited content creators’ channels on August 21st.

Each challenge will be individually scored with points awarded for fulfilling certain criteria, with players being ranked for each challenge and awarded points placing them on a league table. After all five challenges are judged, the top two scoring players will compete in the sixth and final challenge to determine the Red Bull Metropolis champion.

The event is the latest in a series of unique Red Bull tournaments, offering unique twists on traditional formats. For example, this year Enes ‘AKEN’ Akguel was crowned the Red Bull Solo Q 1v1 UK League of Legends champion, Anubis Gaming won the Red Bull Campus Clutch university Valorant tournament and Mister Crimson won Red Bull Kumite London.

Earlier this week, it was announced that the Red Bull Flick 2v2 CSGO tournament will be returning to the UK this August.

The six-hour tournament will be broadcast live on Twitch and YouTube, alongside the invited content creators’ channels on August 21st.

“We are always looking for new ways that players can engage with Cities: Skylines, and this creative partnership with Red Bull is a wonderful way to bring competition to everyone’s favorite city builder,” said Ebba Ljungerud, CEO of Paradox Interactive.

Red Bull Metropolis will be live from 4PM GMT on Twitch and YouTube on August 21st. There’s more info at

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