Red Bull Flick 2v2 CSGO tournament returns to the UK this August, with Leeds’ Pixel Bar to host live qualifier and Red Bull Gaming Sphere to feature game-like environment for the final

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Global 2v2 CSGO esports tournament Red Bull Flick is returning to the UK this year, with the national qualifiers taking place from August 14th 2021.

The tournament promises a ‘futuristic narrative’ and new Red Bull custom-designed maps. Duos will fight for capture points around the new maps to beat other participants around the world. The maps include Digital Archives, Control Room, City Palace, Sky Platform and Orbital Station WI-NG:5.

Two online UK qualifying rounds are set for August, with the third taking place in person at the Pixel Bar in Leeds.

Interview: Pixel Bar co-founder on running a UK gaming bar during a pandemic, crowdfunding esports prize pools with drink sales and opening a second venue

Winners of the qualifier rounds will be invited to attend a bootcamp experience held at London’s Red Bull Gaming Sphere before the UK final on September 12th.

To mark the UK Final, the Red Bull Gaming Sphere will be ‘transformed into an immersive world mirroring the in-game environments in CSGO’, as finalists battle it out to be crowned UK champion.

British CSGO personalities James Bardolph and Jack ‘Jacky’ Peters will bring their expertise to the broadcast, hosted live on James Bardolph’s Twitch channel.

Over 30 national qualifiers are happening across the globe. While there isn’t a traditional prize pool as such, the winner of the Red Bull Flick UK final will get the opportunity to challenge their CSGO idols in the official pro-am competition, the Red Bull Flick Invitational, Helsinki, in November. That features its own €50,000 prize pool.

Last year’s 2020 Red Bull Flick Pro EU Invitational saw duos from Team Vitality, BIG Clan, ENCE and G2 take part, with Team Germany emerging victorious over the likes of Kévin ‘⁠misutaaa⁠’ Rabier and one of the best players in the world, Mathieu ‘⁠ZywOo’ Herbaut.

The 2020 Red Bull Flick tournament featured UK players Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield and Thomas ‘Thomas’ Utting as a duo.

AOC and SteelSeries are the organisation and production partners for the latest Red Bull Flick.

Beginning in 2019, Red Bull Flick first launched with a local event in Turkey, before expanding to in 2020 with a global circuit and 45,000 competitors from over 30 countries signing up.

Red Bull runs a variety of tournaments in esports, several of which have a UK stage to them.

This year, Enes ‘AKEN’ Akguel was recently crowned the Red Bull Solo Q 1v1 UK League of Legends champion, Anubis Gaming won the Red Bull Campus Clutch university Valorant tournament and Mister Crimson won Red Bull Kumite London.

Red Bull previously held the North vs South 5G grassroots esports tournament in the UK in 2016.

You can sign up for the 2021 Red Bull Flick 2v2 UK qualifiers here:

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