Thunder fury: Asmongold’s ‘ghetto solution’ to internet outage after house struck by lightning

asmongold lightning thunder fury

Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]? No, but Asmongold had some IRL thunder fury after his house was struck by lightning.

The popular MMO streamer, who has been playing Final Fantasy 14 recently more than World of Warcraft content, lost his internet after lightning struck.

At first, Asmongold was told by his internet service provider that there was an outage in his area, and that he needed to get a new modem.

“Today’s been a real cock,” he said. “I had lightning hit my house and deleted my modem. I’ve been living like a caveman for hours, I’ve had no internet and didn’t know what to do.

“Not only did my internet die, not only did my modem get destroyed, but I can’t pre-download New World ahead of its release.”

He bought a new modem and also bought multiple 100ft ethernet cables to try and fix the problem.

“I’ve been fucked by a carousel of dicks,” he continued. “It feels like all the planets lined up to create an intergalactic, interstellar, interplanetary dildo to fuck me in the ass. It doesn’t matter, we’re back online, but it’s not fixed – it’s ghetto fixed.

“I have two 100ft cables – one of them goes all the way downstairs to my modem. But they’re not even 100ft cables, because I don’t have them – but I do have ten different connectors. So I’ve rigged all this shit up through different connectors.

“I am not a problem solver – I’m a problem avoider. So I ghetto rigged it to where it doesn’t matter.”

So there you have it, not even having his house struck by lightning would stop Asmongold from playing and streaming MMOs online.

Asmongold’s recent initial Final Fantasy 14 stream pulled in almost 1m unique viewers and 2.4m live views. The streamer also has his own Thunderfury weapon in Classic World of Warcraft.

Two years ago, Asmongold had an altercation with UK WoW content creator Taliesin.

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