‘It’s Not Coming Home’ – Atlanta Reign player hits London Spitfire with cheeky smack talk at end of Overwatch League match

its not coming home london spitfire

Atlanta Reign hit London Spitfire with some ballsy BM (bad manners) at the end of their recent match in the Overwatch League.

Just before Reign beat Spitfire 3-0 on King’s Row, they refused to get on the objective to end the match, instead killing Spitfire’s characters one by one as they respawned.

Reign’s Finnish support player Petja ‘Masaa’ Kantanen then typed ‘it’s not coming home’ into the in-game chat, a reference to the English national football team who are playing in the final of the 2020 European Championship this Sunday. The reference being, of course, the saying ‘it’s coming home’ suggesting England will win a major tournament, bringing a cup back to the country where football originated.

You can see the moment as it happened here just after the 57-minute mark:

UK caster Brennon Hook described it live on stream as ‘outrageous disrespect!’ and fellow UK caster called it ‘disgusting’.

And former Overwatch League talent MonteCristo criticised parts of the Overwatch esports fanbase for their reaction to the BM.

Atlanta Reign’s US tank player Blake ‘Gator’ Scott said in the post-match interview: “They hit us with a spawn camp at the beginning, so we thought we’d get them back with an EU BM and give them a hard time and mess with them.”

The match was Spitfire’s 11th defeat in the Overwatch League this season – the UK franchise team have failed to pick up a win so far.

Spitfire have fallen far since their inaugural Overwatch League win back in 2018, but it’s clear they are on a rebuild project.

Spitfire have UK player Hybrid on their roster, and Reign have Kai, who is also from the UK.

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