Novatech announces Leahviathan and FUT_FG as Reign Gaming ambassadors, joining the likes of Vexed Gaming

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UK-based system builder Novatech has signed up some more content creators as ambassadors to its Reign Gaming brand.

UK streamers Leahviathan (aka Leah) and FUT_FG (aka Faraaz) have joined the ambassador programme. They join the likes of UK esports org Vexed Gaming, who joined back in March, and other streamers Chuffsters and Eerieissss.

Leah was previously working with Novatech and has now announced a new long-term partnership with the brand.

Both new streamers have 200,000 Twitch followers between them – Leah has 167,000 followers and FUT_FG 34,000.

Leah previously worked with Reign Gaming and ASUS ROG last year, building the limited edition Reign Sentry Lux, which she has used as her main platform for streaming since. Leah will be travelling abroad soon and using the Reign Gaming Nomad Extereme XL laptop to stream on the go.

Faraaz, meanwhile, a Twitch partner, YouTuber and avid Manchester City fan, has a combined following of over 65,000 fans, all tuning in for FIFA Ultimate Team and football content.

As well as joining fellow streamers and content creators, Faraaz will be in the line-up alongside a host of footballers, including A.F.C Bournemouth midfielder Lewis Cook and Portsmouth-born Mason Mount who, much like FUT_FG, is also managed by ICM Stellar Sports group.

Interview with ICM Stellar Esports agent Josh ‘Furndog’ Furneaux

Jerry Hughes, digital marketing executive at Novatech, commented: “We’re so pleased to welcome Leah and Faraaz to the Reign Gaming family. They both make absolutely brilliant content and we love that we’re able to support them in continuing to do so.

“We’ll be looking forward to making some new exclusive content with them too, and who knows? Maybe even some in-person events once the UK starts returning to normal.”

Reign Gaming has also collaborated with the RAF esports association in the past.

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