British League of Legends player Alphari joins Team Liquid and will compete in the North American LCS

alphari team liquid

British League of Legends top-laner Barney ‘Alphari’ Morris has left Astralis and joined Team Liquid.

Alphari will now be leaving behind the LEC in Europe for the LCS in North America.

In doing so, he joins other players who have made the move across the pond, including Perkz from G2 to Cloud9, and last year Broxah from Fnatic to Team Liquid (who has now just moved to CLG).

Team Liquid announced Alphari’s arrival in this video and the following tweet:

Alphari added on Twitter that he’s enjoyed his time playing in Europe and that it wasn’t an easy decision for him, but that now’s his time to ‘achieve results’.

Team Liquid have also signed Danish jungler Santorin from Flyquest.

Santorin and Alphari join Jensen, Spawn, Tactical and CoreJJ as Liquid LoL players.

Alphari originally built up experience in the UK League of Legends scene with Team Infused back in 2015, before getting picked up by Renegades, which later became Misfits. They secured promotion to the EU LCS (before it was rebranded to the LEC).

From there, Alphari spent more than two years at Misfits then another two years at Origen, which recently rebranded to Astralis.

Alphari’s departure from the side comes after Origen had a disappointing LEC season, finishing bottom of the table after some dire performances in the second half of the season.

Finishing 10th didn’t really convey Astralis’ potential however, and it’s fair to say Alphari is not a bottom-of-the-table type of player. On the contrary, he has been regarded as one of the better top-laners in the LEC, and now finds himself in the LCS.

Earlier this year, Alphari said that he’s always believed he’s one of the best top-laners in Europe.

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