Gross Gore: 'I deserve a shot at being on the LCS desk'

gross gore master tier 2017 1

UK streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen has spoken about his ambitions to work as a League of Legends desk host.
He was talking on stream yesterday evening when he discovered fellow British content creator Dan “Foxdrop” Wyatt was on his team in the pre-game lobby.
Gross Gore said: “I’m dead serious, bruv. Foxdrop is now on the LCS desk probably earning I don’t know how much a year.
“I should be doing that ****ing job, bruv. He’s in the same elo as me, I’m a better player than him, he always camps me, bruv.
“If I’m in the same elo as him, I deserve a shot at being on the LCS desk. Ask anyone.
“Am I wrong lads?”
Riot has brought streamers on stage as guest hosts and players in showmatches before, including the likes of tyler1 in the US.
Gross Gore previously told Esports News UK in an interview a few years back that he wouldn’t mind working as an esports coach or caster.


“Foxdrop is in the same elo as me, I’m a better player than him, he always camps me, bruv.”
Gross Gore


Foxdrop first started his esports casting career in 2017 when he helped cast some ESL UK and Ireland Premiership matches.
He made his EU LCS debut last summer and has cast in the rebranded LEC and also the EU Masters.
Foxdrop produces instructional League of Legends videos on YouTube, predominantly focused on jungling, while mid-laner Gross Gore tends to stream matches and is also known for his controversial comments and behaviour. Both players are currently ranked in Diamond 3.
Gross Gore also said on stream: “I believe I am a special force put in this world for a reason. I don’t think that reason is to be a 1K Andy or hard-stuck Twisted Fate player. I think I was born with a voice to spread goodness and the truth around the world.
“I feel like I’m the key to the universe.”

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2 years ago

What an insufferable **** this chap is.

2 years ago

Any planners?