Novatech partner with UK Twitch streamer Leah to create custom Reign gaming PC

novatech leah reign gaming

Portsmouth-based system builder Novatech has teamed up with British streamer Leahviathan to create a custom-built gaming PC: The Reign Sentry Lux.

Leah (aka Leahviathan), who has 163,000 Twitch followers, was in need of a new rig to help her stream and upload 4+ hours of footage a day, including gameplay from Destiny 2, Halo and Escape from Tarakov.

Teaming up with ASUS’ Republic of Gamers, Novatech designed the new Reign Sentry Lux Gaming PC for Leah from the ground up.

Created with 4K gaming and content creation in mind, the £2,759.99 Sentry Lux is made with 4K gaming and content creation in mind, featuring an Unlocked Intel 10th Gen i7 Processor and ASUS’ GeForce RTX 2080 Super Evo OC Graphics Card, plus an 850W ROG Thor Power Supply, ROG STRIX F Gaming Motherboard and more.

Leah’s setup now includes two machines. Her original Republic of Gamers AMD rig which has assumed the role of her streaming and video-editing workstation, and now the Reign Sentry Lux for 4K gameplay.

Leah said: “I’ve been trying to upgrade to a dual PC stream setup for a year now. It got to the point where the one rig was struggling with all the demands I’ve been throwing at it; a webcam, 4K capture card, a lot of video and browser sources, OBS trying to encode and stream everything and also wanting to play my games at a good quality without dipping below 60 FPS… it was just too much.

“So now the old ROG PC does the work of the stream, all the encoding and making the stream look good, whilst Novatech’s Reign Sentry Lux runs the game and makes the whole gaming experience really great.”

Danny Adams, copywriter for Novatech, said: “Leah’s been a big part of Twitch for a while now, and with so many of our own staff being big fans of her content, when we heard she was looking to upgrade her PC, we saw the opportunity to help her continue to create that consistently high-quality content she’s become known for.”

Leah has detailed the system further over on her YouTube channel.

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