UK League of Legends streamers team up with YamatoCannon to form TeamHuzzyGames in latest Twitch Rivals tournament

twitch rivals yamatocannon

A team of predominantly UK League of Legends streamers will be taking part in the latest Twitch Rivals tournament.

The side, led by British team captain and top-laner HuzzyGames, features fellow UK streamers Foxdrop (jungle), Vicksy (mid-lane) and Bizzleberry (support), plus well-known Swedish host and former pro player Yamatocannon (ADC).

The team roster was drafted by HuzzyGames in a ‘snake-style draft’ live on the Twitch Rivals stream, from a pool of 130 different League of Legends streamers.

Some other UK and Ireland personalities and streamers sadly didn’t get picked up by other teams, for example RossBoomSocks, Medic, RezoneGames and more.

TeamHuzzyGames will go up against seven other sides led by team captains iamdiamond, adamkissak, Wickd, Teamless, Thaldrinlol, Solary and noway4u_sir. You can see the full team line-ups and other details here.

Teams don’t technically need to be nationality-based but some end up going that way.

Twitch Rivals will consist of an NA tournament and an EU one. Each competition will have a $75,000 prize pool, with the winners taking home $25,000, second place receiving $15,000, and third and fourth place claiming $5,500.

Teams will also take home $1,000 per win in the round robin stage.

Matches take place on March 31st, April 1st and April 2nd, with the EU games starting from 2pm GMT each day.

This year’s UK-heavy team is similar to last year’s, with HuzzyGames, Vicksy and Bizzleberry returning, with Foxdrop in the jungle instead of VaporaDark, plus Yamatocannon playing as ADC instead of Snitch.

Last year, Team UK unfortunately fell short in the LoL Twitch Rivals tournament, despite a promising start and some very good early-game performances.

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