Experienced players and coach Candyfloss from UK LoL scene join Mousesports in the new German Prime League

mousesports prime league ro

Mousesports have announced an impressive new League of Legends roster, featuring talent honed in the UK scene.

British coach Alex ‘Candyfloss’ Cartwright (aka Carter) is leading the German Prime League side, which includes:

  • German top-laner Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber
  • German jungler Patrick “Obsess” Engelmann 
  • Norweigan mid-laner Adam “LIDER” Ilyasov
  • Swedish ADC Jesper “Jeskla” Klarin Strömberg
  • Swedish support player Hampus Mikael “promisq” Abrahamsson

Tolkin has deep UK League of Legends experience, having played for Choke Gaming (here’s an old match report vs ManaLight – who remembers them?) way back in 2016 and with Excel Esports in 2017.

Jeskla of course played for Excel Esports over the past year, while LIDER played with Misfits Academy, who won the first UK Forge of Champions tournament back in 2018.

Coach Candyfloss has a lot of experience in the UK as both a player and a coach, which he transitioned to a few years back. He’s been with the likes of MnM, H2K, NiP and Renegades Banditos, which later became Misfits who progressed from the UK scene to the EU LCS (before it rebranded to LEC).

Candyfloss made a name for himself for his ballsy plays and for being a bit of a joker on social media, though sadly his Twitter account doesn’t seem to exist right now.

Candyfloss previously told Esports News UK in an interview why he made the switch from player to coach: “I personally had some bad experiences with some players, so I thought to myself, with someone as talented and intelligent such as myself, I may as well use my talents to turn bad players into great ones – and they can achieve the success that I never had as a player!”

Mousesports’ League of Legends team will be playing in the Pro Division of the German Prime League, which recently replaced the Premier Tour and is for teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It’s a European Regional League (ERL) like the UK’s UKLC.

Mousesports will go up against Ad Hoc Gaming, BIG, Euronics, Schalke, MyInsanity, OP Innogy, SK Gaming Prime, GamerLegion and Unicorns of Love: Sexy Edition.

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