New year, new Endpoint: Rebranded UK org enter Rocket League Championship Series, sign new CSGO team and will represent UK at WESG finals

team endpoint 2020 logo

What a start to the year it’s been for UK esports organisation Team Endpoint.

In a matter of weeks, the org have announced a fresh new logo, a new CSGO team and that they will be playing in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) after acquiring a team.

Their new logo (picture above) ditches their traditional crosshair in favour of a sleek hexagon spelling the letters ‘END’.

They announced their Battalion 1944 player Kevin Klempera would be working as their new head of content, and partnered with retailer CeX, with activities set to take place in UK stores.

Then Endpoint revealed their new CSGO line-up, consisting of three British players Thomas, Surreal and MiGHTYMAX, as well as Swede robiin and Dutch player CRUC1AL.

This roster will also be participating in the WESG finals in China later this year, which has a $1m prize pool. Endpoint will be representing the UK in that tournament.

What’s perhaps even bigger news, however, is Endpoint’s latest announcement that they have picked up a Rocket League side playing in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

Endpoint have acquired Discombobulators, which consists of British player RelatingWave, Irish player Virtuoso and Spanish player Nachitow.

They will be playing in Season 9 of the RLCS which gets underway in February, along with Barcelona, Dignitas, mousesports, Reciprocity, Veloce, Monaco, Vitality, Singularity and TSM.

This move marks Endpoint’s return to Rocket League, some two years after they left the now-defunct Gfinity Elite Series.

Esports News UK reached out to Endpoint CEO Adam Jessop for comment:

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