Misfits Academy win Forge of Champions

misfits academy win forge of champions 1

Riot Games has crowned Misfits Academy as the champions of the first Forge of Champions (FoC) tournament.

After two days of matches between the UK’s best League of Legends teams, Misfits Academy eventually proved too much for Diabolus Esports in the grand final by beating them 3-2.

Misfits took home the winner’s share of the £50,000 prize pool and secured a spot at Season 2 of the EU Masters, which starts this month.

The other UK team to qualify for EU Masters is Enclave Gaming, who racked up the most points in Forge of Champions.

Riot UK selected LVP to handle production of this tournament, as part of a three-year partnership, following Riot’s prior agreement with ESL UK and the ESL Premiership. With LVP’s own UK studio still in the works, the grand finals of this FoC took place at LVP’s existing studios in Barcelona, Spain.

Misfits Academy beat exceL Esports in one semi-final, with Diabolus defeating Enclave in the other.

In the final, Misfits started strong, winning the first two consecutive games and taking the second in just 24 minutes, before Diabolus clawed their way back into the competition with wins in games three and four. Misfits finally claimed the victory in game five.

Riot says over 3,000 players registered and 64 new teams were created for FoC. Over the course of four qualifying tournaments, new teams competed against the top eight professional teams from the former ESL Premiership.

“Forge of Champions really shows the strength of the UK League of Legends esports scene,” said Mo Fadl, Head of Esports at Riot Games UK.

“The tournament marks the start of an exciting three years as we look to create a structure that will see hundreds of new teams rise through the ranks. Every country is different in terms of player needs and we’ve learnt a lot over the last few months and have taken onboard all feedback for 2019.

“We’ll continue to work closely with our players to develop something meaningful that helps the UK to thrive.”


“We’ll continue to work closely with our players to develop something meaningful that helps the UK to thrive.”
Mo Fadl, Riot UK


There were some controversies in the first FoC, including some internal miscommunications from Riot which led to some confusion around player rulings/rosters, but it seemed to be largely drama-free.

Esports News UK has been contacted by a few angered members of the community following Riot’s decision to allow Diabolus ‘special dispensation’ for additional roster changes. There was also a bizarre situation that saw Riot Games ban an account masquerading as Enclave Gaming team manager Richard “Froomie” Froom, though this wasn’t to do with FoC as such.
There seemed to be a lack of buzz and interest around the tournament for whatever reason, though Riot has been working with Capital XTRA (and Westwood!) to promote the game, and we’re told Riot UK has big plans for 2019, so onwards and upwards.

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