KSI and Ninja respond to Gross Gore criticism: Could a KSI Gross Gore boxing match be on the cards?

ninja gross gore ksi

Ali Larsen aka Gross Gore (pictured, centre), the UK streamer who is known for playing League of Legends, has been on a mad one on Twitter, drawing the ire of both KSI (right) and Ninja (left) on the same day.

Ali first criticised the huge gaming personalities in separate rant videos on Twitter in recent months, and finally drew separate reactions from them yesterday (December 2nd 2019), as seen below.

The Ninja beef: ‘I’m a douchebag? You’ve got smurf hair mate’

Firstly, Ali Larsen criticised Fortnite personality Ninja back in August for leaving Twitch and moving to Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming platform.

Ali called Ninja a ‘sellout’ in a Twitter rant video, adding: “You’re already a multi-millionaire, when is enough enough? You left a company that helped you and built your name, and now you’re going to leave, for what – more money? For a no-name website? Don’t ever bite the hand that fed you. It’s disrespectful and wrong. It’s shameful.”

Ninja has been in the UK recently getting involved in various activities, including a Fortnite tournament at Microsoft’s London store.

Another thing Ninja did here was this interview with the True Geordie on December 1st, where at one point Ninja seemed to be referring to that specific criticism from Gross Gore.

Ninja said: “Dude, like, when I made the switch over to Mixer, there was this one dude on Twitch, the biggest douche I’ve ever seen in my entire life… he made a video rant. I listened to the first 30 seconds of it, which was all bullsh*t and all the wrong reasons, and I didn’t listen to the rest of it.”

Ali Larsen responded to this, saying in the video below: “Have I ever f*cking been wrong? Never, you stupid w*nk. I’m a douchebag? You’ve got smurf hair, mate. You couldn’t handle the truth.

“I’m so glad I’m in your f*cking brain, Ninja. The think of me every night, you wish you were me, bruv. Stick your Mixer down your f*cking jap’s eye.”

Ninja responded with a single tweet:

‘Let’s spar’ – KSI seemingly accepts Gross Gore’s challenge

Last month, Ali Larsen (aka Gross Gore) put out another Twitter rant video urging American YouTuber Logan Paul to knock out British YouTuber KSI in their boxing match, and said if he didn’t, he’d knock KSI out himself.

KSI has now responded to this video, saying:

Ali put out the below response video to this, saying: “What the f*ck is this bruv, I’ve had Ninja on my dick, now you wanna pop me? Come on then bruv. Your fight was so sh*t I fell asleep ony my couch.

“Give me three months, I will f*ck you up so hard and shut your little ego down. Don’t f*ck with me KSI mate, delete your tweet right now.”

KSI then put out a tweet saying, “Lol ok, I’ll wait 3 months. See you in March ????”

Whether a fight will actually happen or if this is all just hot air remains to be seen.

‘Reality TV is where I belong, not on Twitch’ – Ali Larsen on what’s next

gross gore defends twitch

Ali hasn’t streamed League of Legends for a few weeks now – his most recent stream was on November 9th 2019.

Ali seems to be stepping back from League of Legends and Twitch. His viewer numbers have dwindled over the past year to the few thousands. In comparison, his Twitter rant videos have been popular, drawing hundreds and thousands of views, or in the case of the Ninja video, over a million views.

When Ali was unbanned by Twitch in 2017, he tried to make his streams a little more friendly, and kept his rants and drama to a minimum. But as time has gone on, it seems he is reverting back to his old bad boy style image.

He said he’s considering leaving Twitch, streaming and League of Legends for reality TV.

He also said he’s phasing out the ‘Gross Gore’ name in favour of his real name Ali Larsen.

Ali said at the end of his most recent stream:

“I can’t be doing Twitch forever, I had a chance a few years ago and it’s long gone mate. Onto bigger and better things, that’s what it’s all about, I’m going places. I want the world. I’m gonna sell myself, not as a prostitute, but for TV.”

Ali Larsen

“I don’t want to hear anything on social media telling me it’s about consistency and sticking to it. Fuck no. It’s about doing something different and exploding and becoming big on the spot, making it there and then and running with it. You’ve got to be different in life not a boring fucking fart to get anywhere in life.”

“I’m not gonna be like my old man, 50 and sitting there saying ‘I’ve got nothing’.

“Reality TV is where I belong. Not on Twitch. People find happiness in my misery – look at Livestream Fails and tell me otherwise. I’m not gonna sit here playing League of Legends in Diamond 1 for the rest of my life with Riot Games not wanting to be involved with me. ‘Let’s get Tyler1 but not Gross Gore, we like fake personas, Gross Gore is too real.’

“I’m gonna sell myself, not as a prostitute, but for TV. I’ll do my own shit, someone will come along, a broadcasting company, we want you for a year we’ll buy you for a year. I’ll be tied to a contract, then they’ll sell my content for 50 times the value. I’ll sell my soul and I’m gonna regret it. Mark my words, it’s gonna happen. 

“I’d rather not have had any internet fame than lose it all. I can’t spread my wings on Twitch anymore. I’m capped. I can’t break through and it’s my livelihood. I’m not good at playing League, I’m not good at anything else, I’m not good at being nice, I’m not good.”

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