Ali Larsen starts to phase out ‘Gross Gore’ name, considers swapping gaming for reality TV-style content

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League of Legends streamer Ali ‘Gross Gore’ Larsen is starting to remove the name ‘Gross Gore’ from his channels, bruv.

He will be using his real name more going forwards and says the move is to go for a more acceptable, less vulgar name.

“The name Gross Gore is going away forever,” he said in a YouTube video (embedded at the bottom of this article). “The reason I’m doing this is because YouTube doesn’t like the name Gross Gore – not one bit.

“That as a brand name is bad and my videos never get monetized. My channel name is holding me back quite a lot.

“I really want to get into YouTube and start with a brand new fresh username. What the hell is ‘Gross Gore’ anyway? It doesn’t sound like a name.”

Ali also said his name is pronounced ‘Arli’ (like Muhammad Ali).

He is going to leave his Twitch channel as Grossie_Gore for a while before transitioning it to Ali Larsen.

Ali has used the name Gross Gore for 13 years now, having made it when he set up his YouTube channel at 14 years old.

He also said he’s considering moving away from gaming to more IRL content on YouTube.

“I get by on Twitch, but the truth is I feel like I’m not going anywhere on Twitch,” he said. “I feel like nobody watches me anymore, I feel like I’m not interesting enough, there’s a lot of competition and I feel like my days are over on Twitch.

“I want to try something else, I want to do YouTube and I want to do real life. I have this idea of a reality TV show where the camera is always on me. Every day is a drama and I think people find happiness when my life is going to shit.”

Ali Larsen

Ali has also found success this year with rant-style videos on Twitter, some of which have racked up millions of views.

While Ali mentioned he has fewer viewers nowadays, he is still the most popular UK League of Legends streamer with some 384,000 followers on Twitch and 330,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Another UK LoL content creator, RossBoomSocks, seems to be the most popular UK LoL YouTuber with 544,000 followers on that platform and 53,000 followers on Twitch.

Ali recently hit Master tier in League of Legends. You can see his name change announcement video below:

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