UK YouTuber Hbomberguy makes headlines with charity stream in response to 'very angry' views of Father Ted writer Graham Linehan

hbomberguy charity stream

UK-based YouTuber Harry Brewis (pictured), aka Hbomberguy, has raised more than $340,000 for charity and made some huge headlines in the process.
Hbomberguy’s stream was not your usual charity stream. It was set up in response to the views of Irish comedian and Father Ted and The IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan towards transgender people and youngsters with gender dysphoria.
As outlined in Hbomberguy’s stream intro video below, Graham Linehan wrote a post on Mumsnet asking users to email their concern to the Big Lottery Fund about its funding of Mermaids, a transgender charity set up specifically to support young people.  This £500,000 funding is now under review.
Irked by this and Graham’s ‘very angry’ views towards trans people, Hbomberguy set out to complete Donkey Kong 64 in a charity stream, with all proceeds raising money for Mermaids. And it’s having the desired effect, having raised more than $340,000 (around £264,000), making people aware of Graham’s actions and raising awareness of gender dysphoria in young people in the process.

The stream attracted the likes of Doom co-creator John Romero, games critic Jim Sterling, activist Chelsea Manning, columnist Owen Jones and even US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) to name a few, who joined the stream as live guests.
You can watch the moment Alexandria joined the stream here:

The voice of Donkey Kong also pitched in, saying “trans rights – ok”.
The stream – which allowed Hbomberguy to finish Donkey Kong 64 in under 60 hours – has generated a lot of debate online over the weekend and is continuing to do so.
The news was picked up by many sites and publications across the web. A quick search of ‘Hbomberguy’ in Google News shows stories by Forbes, The Guardian, Metro, The Sun, The Independent, Vice, Dot Esports, Polygon and many others.
Graham has responded to the stream and others have celebrated the donations and awareness with messages and images online.

The news also sparked a separate debate around the purpose of the games media. The Quartering published a video on YouTube criticising Eurogamer’s coverage of the news and this particular tweet:

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