Rainbow Six Siege is coming to Belong Gaming Arenas

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege is continuing to target the UK esports scene with more tournaments and activity.
The latest competition is heading to GAME’s Belong Arenas. There will be a series of Rainbow Six Siege Arena Clash events and tournaments over the next three months.
In partnership with Ubisoft, Belong Gaming Arenas will kick off the Rainbow 6 Siege Arena Clash tournament on Friday January 25th, with over three weeks of matches to determine who will make the group rounds.
Entry is free and teams must consist of five players and one sub, with the game being played on Xbox One.
The tournament dates are as follows:

  • Open qualifiers – 25th January
  • Groups Round 1 – 22th February
  • Groups Round 2 – 1st March
  • Groups Round 3 – 8th March
  • Groups Round 4 – 15th March
  • Groups Round 5 – 22nd March
  • Playoffs Round 1 – 29th March
  • Playoffs Round 2 – 5th April
  • Finals – 19th April at Insomnia64 at the Birmingham NEC

There will be weekly streams of selected matches at twitch.tv/belongarenas and twitch.tv/rainbowsix_UK.
GAME Belong’s Stratford store also recently held a Rainbow Six Siege community event.

Stratford Spartans: Inside London’s biggest GAME BELONG Arena

Looking at other Rainbow Six activity in the UK, the game is heading to epic.LAN for the first time next month. There will be a prize pool of up to £3,500 at epic26, which takes place from February 7th to 10th 2019 at Kettering Conference Centre.
Elsewhere, the main Rainbow Six tournament in the UK is the ESL Premiership. The most recent RB6 ESL Premiership was won by Team Secret – you can read our interview with them here.
Earlier this month, ESL UK announced that it will be running another Rainbow Six Siege Premiership, with a £10,500 prize pool.
Further reading: What were the 7 best moments from the ESL Prem RB6 Siege Winter Finals?

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