How did UK talent perform at the Rainbow 6 Siege Paris Major?

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The Paris Major 2018 has just concluded, and all the UK talent performed well at the event. But how so? Craig Robinson reflects on the event from Paris.

Team Secret shine through to the semi-finals

Three of Team Secret’s players are from the UK: Meepey (pictured), Lacky and LeonGids.
Team Secret started rough in the first game against Rogue but carved a warpath from then on. They qualified from the group stages second and proceeded to dominate Vitality in the quarter-finals.
Secret eventually lost to G2 in the semi-final, who then went on to win the whole tournament.
Team Secret are a UK and French mix team. Formerly known as IDK (I Don’t Know), they entered the tournament off the back of a win at Dreamhack Valencia, with the support of Team Secret.
For a team that wasn’t even in the Challenger League during the Montreal Invitational, getting 3rd/4th place is an incredible feat. In the past six months, they have climbed from the Challenger League qualifiers to the Pro League, taken a Dreamhack win and became semi-finalists at Paris’ first major.
LeonGids believes they are the only team that will be able to take down G2 in the near future, with extra practice.

Perhaps this may become the new hottest rivalry in RB6 if both teams can operate at the same level.

G2 reign victorious at the Paris Major

rb6 paris major players
Image source: ESL

G2 were the favourites going into the tournament, and they lived up to that expectation. The only time G2 lost a map in the entire tournament was against Team Mockit in the group stages.
In terms of UK talent, Shas(o)udas and Fxrral are the respective coach and analyst for G2’s RB6 team. Their roster has seen changes in the last three months, including the addition of Kantoraketti to the main roster and changing their organisation.
After losing to IDK (currently Team Secret) in the semi-finals at Dreamhack Valencia, they got revenge against them in the Paris Major semi-finals and destroyed Evil Geniuses with three straight 6-2 wins in the Grand Finals. At the Montreal Invitational, G2 (previously Penta) had to reverse sweep in a glorious finish to the event.
Given G2’s most recent challenges, they managed to make quick work of both of their key challenges at the event.

G2 is still cementing their legacy as the greatest team in Siege esports, and there is no sign of them slowing down.
In addition, Shas(o)udas has been a part of the 20-minute documentary that featured on the final day of the Paris Major. For those interested, Shas appears in several sections of the video, including other members of G2 and established names and faces in Siege Esports.

Check back on Esports News UK soon for more Rainbow Six Siege Paris Major follow-up content from Craig Robinson, who viewed the event live

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