Multiplay founder invests in Swedish game dev, hopes to turn Sky Fighter Legends into an esport

Multiplay/Insomnia founder Craig "wizzo" Fletcher has invested £250,000 (3m Swedish Krona) in shares of Toadman Interactive.

In doing so, he is investing into the Swedish developer's MOBA-like title Sky Fighter Legends, for whom he will become the initial project leader for Sky Fighters.

The goal is to 'explore the opportunity to recruit a larger team and focus on esports' for the title.

Toadman has worked on a number of titles including Warhammer Vermintide, Dead Island 2 and Immortal Unchained.

Craig has bought 133,334 shares in the company at the price of 22.5 Swedish Kronas per share.

He said: "I've been following Toadman for a long time and they have impressed me in a number of ways. Their approach to efficient production and value creation through expansion, acquisition and innovation, combined with a talent for great game creation, makes them an impressive team.

"Through my experience in the gaming industry and esports, I think I can contribute to the business in many ways and an initial step is to explore the possibilities with, among other things, Skyfighters. I look forward to getting to work with Toadman and thank its representatives for the opportunity to be on board."

Toadman CEO Robin Flodin added: "To get Craig into the company, I see it as an incredible asset. He has long and solid experience in the gaming industry and esports and has a very good network of contacts in the industry."

It's not the first investment Craig has made in the industry. After selling Multiplay/Insomnia to GAME back in 2015, Craig invested in the publisher Raw Fury, who said in a press release, "thanks for the money, dude".

After GAME sold Multiplay's hosting division, and Craig Fletcher left GAME late last year, he has become a investor and runs his own Wicked Sick consultancy.

You can check out some old Sky Fighter Legends footage here:

The game was previously in development at Artplant, a studio acquired by Toadman earlier this year.

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