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In an age where sports are universally popular, it makes sense to have an array of quality games that reflect the sporting world. This article will analyse the best available football-orientated video games on the market.
The excitement of a World Cup year
Excitement is begging to grow ahead of one of the most anticipated global events in existence: the World Cup. In June, 32 countries will participate for the honour of being crowned world champions.
It is probable that this year’s competition will be fiercely contested, as Brazil, Spain, Germany and France are among the favourites for the tournament.
Without question, the competition displays an unparalleled ability to capture the imagination of millions scattered across the globe. Similarly, video games flaunt a similar capacity to entertain and evoke enthusiasm.
In celebration of the forthcoming World Cup, we’re looking at the best football games available on the market.


FIFA is arguably one of the most recognisable video game franchises in existence. Since its inception in 1993, FIFA has grown from strength to strength, and it is one of the most profitable and popular video games around.
It has established its status the most popular sports video game franchise in the world, and as previously mentioned, it is one of the most popular video game franchises of all-time.
If you’re concerned about FIFA’s capacity to retain its excellence and widespread popularity, FIFA 18 surpassed 10 million sales in January – a demonstration of its ability to excite and entertain millions of supporters all over the world.
Moreover, as we are in a World Cup year, FIFA lovers can await the prospect of another World Cup game. However, this year’s edition differs slightly from previous years.
Since the 1998 World Cup in France – a tournament that the hosts won – there have been new editions of FIFA released to coincide with the World Cup. This has happened continuously since 1998, although, it appears that the 2018 edition will be offered as a free extension as opposed to a stand-alone game.
The extension is primed to be offered on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows. However, there’s been no confirmation whether the World Cup game will be released as a standalone for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Without any doubt, FIFA continues to enthral and infectiously captivate its audiences.

Football Manager

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Another football game of arguably greater pedigree is Football Manager. While the game doesn’t display the same widespread popularity as FIFA – that is partly due to the fact it’s restricted to computers – the game itself is conceivably better regarding how precise and advanced the details are.
It has also had e a profound effect on modern-day football; players who have become experts at the game have been offered real-life positions at football clubs as scouts. Moreover, the scouting data that Football Manager has devised is being used by clubs to identify new talent and possible incomings.
Even Sky Sports opted to use Football Manager statistics to assess the abilities of players who were rumoured to leave their clubs during transfer windows.
If you’re eager to test your tactical nous and develop an insightful understanding of the beautiful game, it is difficult to look beyond Football Manager as the best football video game on the market.


pes uk esports players
Pro Evolution Soccer suffers from an unwarranted inferior status. FIFA’s dominance has been established in unequivocal terms, and while PES may not rival FIFA’s commercial success, it still enjoys marvellous fidelity from its supporters.
FIFA’s official licence and worldwide publicity has made it nigh impossible for PES to emulate its global success. However, PES – as a game – has always been appreciated for its fast-paced nature and focus on the tactical aspect of football.
As someone who has owned and enjoyed both games, there’s certainly room to enjoy both in equal measure. While PES may not provide the same sophisticated appearance as FIFA, it provides a unique experience and entertainment regardless.
Collectively, the three games provide football supporters with the ultimate gaming experience. However, on an individual basis, each one has sufficient quality and exhilaration to fascinate the masses. Of course, it also gives us something to do until the World Cup begins!

Article contains affiliate links

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