Rainbow Six Siege ESL Premiership finalists revealed

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Update: Vexed have been disqualified from the finals.
Original article: 
The four teams have now been decided for the Rainbow 6 Siege ESL UK and Ireland Premiership LAN finals.

Group A

In group A, Vexed and 1UPesport took the two LAN spots.
Vexed topped the league with a 10-2 map lead, with an impressive +331 round difference.
1UP had a close call in standings as they went 7-5 in map points, but it was enough to get them through as the second team in group A.
During that week, the ESL R6 channel had hit around 2,400 viewers, which is a fantastic feat for its very first Premiership.


Group B

On the Group B side, it was Team Enyx and Radix Esports who claimed the LAN final slots.
Enyx pushed the first LAN spot of the group quite easily with a 10-2, lead and another huge round difference.
On the other hand, the final week of regular play witnessed a great battle between Radix and Xenos.
As it stood, Xenos held the second LAN slot, with Radix just trailing behind. All it took for Radix was to go 1-1 and win off the round difference as Xenos was -2, whereas Radix was -1.
At the start of the match, Xenos looked to secure their spot in the LAN finals. Xenos went 3-0 but were then reverse swept by Radix on Oregon. On Border, Radix solidified their spot in the LAN with a great 5-2 victory.
This means that Vexed, Enyx, 1UP and Radix will go to the LAN finals at ESL Leicester’s studio on March 10th-11th, to determine the winner of the inaugural Rainbow 6 Premiership.
Esports News UK will be reporting from the final during the weekend, so stay tuned for our match report and coverage.

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