Fnatic eliminated from CWL Championship

Gurdip eliminated Champs 1

In a truly crushing blow to the UK Call of Duty scene, Fnatic have been eliminated from the Call of Duty World League Championship with a 13-16th placement.
This Fnatic line-up, captained by veteran player Tommey, came out fighting in group play where they earned a 3-0 record against Evil Geniuses, Tainted Minds and Str8 Rippin.
In the opening round of bracket play, though, Fnatic faced Team Allegiance, an NA team that very few predicted getting out of groups.
It was this unpredictability that gave Allegiance the edge and allowed them to go on to beat Fnatic 3-1 in the series.
The Brits seemed to struggle in the opening Hardpoint on Retaliation, which they did eventually take in a 250-237 matchup. From here onwards though, it became much more difficult.
On Crusher Search and Destroy, Fnatic were absolutely crushed in a 6-1 loss, where they failed to gain any momentum and struggled to find any important kills.
Allegiance then took the lead on Frost Uplink, winning 9-3 and leaving Fnatic looking like they were already out of the game.
With this lapse of confidence came a clear lapse in gameplay and judgement, and Fnatic lost the Throwback Hardpoint 250-107, leaving very little reason to believe they deserve to place higher.
In the opening Losers Bracket match of the tournament, Fnatic were set to face CWL Anaheim winners Luminosity Gaming or CWL Atlanta champions eUnited. Needless to say, expectations were not that high for Fnatic’s hopes, despite their winning record against Luminosity in Infinite Warfare.
With their backs against the wall, Tommey could not lead Fnatic to victory against Luminosity, and were swept in a dominant 3-0 loss.
Scorch Hardpoint was lost 250-131, Luminosity showing why NA is the dominant region in Call of Duty esports. The best chance Fnatic had of winning was by taking map wins in the Search and Destroy and Uplink, as their Hardpoint just wasn’t up to scratch.
Map Two started off looking great; Fnatic went up 4-0 and seemed to be finding momentum. However, Luminosity managed to string a couple of rounds together and you could see the fire start to go out on the side of Fnatic.
Within 10 minutes Luminosity had made the comeback and won 6-4, not allowing Fnatic any room to breathe after their strong lead.
By this point, the team were visibly deflated. Fighting, still, but it was clear their chances weren’t great.
For that reason, it was no surprise when Luminosity were able to shut down Fnatic on Throwback Uplink, making strong defensive plays and not allowing the UK team an inch of hope that they could make the map competitive.
They eventually lost 7-0 and were thus eliminated from the tournament.
The issue was clearly the team’s slaying abilities; SunnyB finished the weekend with a 0.62 K/D, whilst Tommey and Wuskin had the highest K/D on the team with 0.88 each in bracket play.
Only three UK teams now remain at the Call of Duty World League Championship, where we have over $1 million still yet to be claimed; Splyce and Infused will be facing OpTic and FaZe respectively for top six, whilst Epsilon are fighting for survival in the Losers Bracket, set to face the loser of Splyce and OpTic.
(Featured image courtesy of MLG)

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