Epsilon on the edge of elimination from CWL Champs

Epsi Champs 1

Epsilon are currently one match away from being eliminated from the Call of Duty World League Championship following a tough start to bracket play.
Having come out of their group with the second seed, Epsilon had to face Stage 2 runner-up’s Team EnVyUs in Winner’s Bracket Round 1. There was discussion over whether EnVy could keep up their strong performances of late, and they soon put their doubters to rest despite a shaky start.
Epsilon came in to the match with the fire they needed to win, taking Retaliation Hardpoint 250-194. Following this were two maps that are arguably much stronger maps for Epsilon than EnVy; Crusher Search and Destroy and Frost Uplink.
This gave the players and fans a bit of hope that Epsilon could take it.
Unfortunately, they managed to lose the S&D in a close 6-4 battle, despite never really looking to be in control of the map.
EnVy then made short work of Epsilon on Frost Uplink, with the 13-1 loss being a far cry from what we expected of Epsilon on this map. Though in the opening half Epsilon looked like they could potentially take the win, they seemed let their foot off the pedal in the second half and this is where Team EnVyUs extended their lead from one point to 12 points and ultimately taking the win.
Finally, the two met on Throwback Hardpoint and it was EnVy’s turn to control the game. Epsilon let their opponents get a strong lead early on and could never quite regain, building up some good plays but not quite making it count where it matters most.
With the 250-144 loss, Epsilon were dropped down to the Loser’s Bracket and were to face Cloud9 in an elimination match.
Cloud9, led by former World Champion and old-timer Aches, are notoriously strong for showing up when it’s important, and Aches especially thrives off the pressure of Champs.
This would normally be seen as an easy Epsilon win, but given stature of the event many were unsure of what to think.
Nonetheless, there were no worries to be had for Epsilon, who won in a 3-0 sweep. The first map was Scorch Hardpoint, and Dqvee had a fantastic map for the 250-177 win.

Dqvee did not stop his performances going in to Retaliation S&D, either, getting himself three kills in one round from a position he should have never even been able to get one. The momentum was clearly all in Epsilon’s favour at this point, and they were not looking to lose this match.
The last map was Throwback Uplink and, although it was closely contested all the way through, Epsilon managed to win 3-0 and send Aches packing for the second year in a row.

Epsilon will next face the loser of OpTic Gaming v Splyce, and either way it seems fortune is not on their side. But, if there’s one thing this Epsilon side have shown this year, it’s that they are capable of pulling off the unexpected.
(Featured image courtesy of MLG)

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