Splyce progress on Day 1 of the CWL Championship Bracket

Splyce beat E6 Day 1 1

Splyce’s Call of Duty team have progressed to Winner’s Bracket Round 2 of the Call of Duty World League Championship following a strong 3-0 sweep of Enigma6, Jacob Hale reports.
With both teams having shown inconsistencies throughout the year, there was some discussion over the CoD esports community over who would come out on top in this matchup.
Splyce proved themselves to be the high calibre team they have been in the past, though, with a dominating performance, including some incredibly clutch Search and Destroy plays courtesy of veteran Irishman Jurd (below).
The opening map was Retaliation Hardpoint, which Splyce took 250-212. They started out strong in the first rotation, going up 150-27 before Enigma6 started to mount their comeback. Sure enough though, the team held on and managed to win the map, with Bance dropping 33 kills by the end of the match.
The Search and Destroy on Crusher was similarly as close, with Splyce eventually winning the map 6-4.
Jurd almost single-handedly carried Splyce through this map, providing his team with 16 kills, one off the current record held on Crusher S&D. He also got himself a bit of a highlight reel going:

Map Three was Frost Uplink, a map known for working best with teams that are fast, aggressive and ruthless. This is very much the definition of E6’s playstyle, but unfortunately for them they couldn’t hold off the strong teamwork of Splyce, who won the match 7-4.
The team averaged a 1.19 K/D in this map, with Bance getting a 1.3 alongside Madcat and Zero’s respective 1.22 and 1.27.
In a game that rewards slaying so efficiently, Splyce were always set to win this, and with Bance and Jurd playing the way they have been it would not be easy for many teams to beat them.
Splyce are one of only two UK teams remaining in the Winners Bracket of the CWL Championship, the other being Team Infused following their surprise win against Rise Nation.
Splyce will face OpTic Gaming tomorrow for a top six spot at 4.30pm.
(Featured image courtesy of MLG)

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