UK Masters LoL rosters confirmed as MnM, Barrage & Feenix pick up qualified teams

Dom Sacco provides a quick roundup of the rosters confirmed for the League of Legends UK Masters Summer 2017 Split.

Barrage Esports

Barrage have made the leap into competitive UK League of Legends by bringing the team known as ‘Free Money’ on board.
UPDATE (June 22nd): EUTwistedFate has not been enjoying League and has stepped down, while RangeExpire ‘hasn’t felt that good’ playing recently and has moved from jungler to team manager.
Daddy Fred is the new jungler and MonkWillCarry is the new ADC. RangeExpire said more in a Twitlonger.

  • Top: TBxX
  • Jungle: Daddy Fred
  • Mid: 1 Rexxx
  • ADC: MonkWillCarry
  • Support: YearOfTheDog
  • Manager: RangeExpire
  • Sub: HDN Fastlegged
  • Sub: Relson


Bulldog Esports

  • Top: Phawkes
  • Jungle: Jet
  • Mid: Moon
  • ADC: Fax
  • Support: Raizins
  • Sub: Harro


Enclave Dawn

We were waiting for a team to announce their roster with an Origen-style bad design, and we are not at all surprised that it’s the boys at Enclave! Image result for pogchamp

  • Top: Igloo
  • Jungle: Skudzy
  • Mid: Divaaa
  • ADC: Joekerism
  • Support: Nightmares
  • Sub: Prelude in C
  • Sub: Daddy Fred


Excel Esports

  • Top: Shikari
  • Jungle: Taxer
  • Mid: Kruimel
  • ADC: Innaxe
  • Support: Aux

Doruk will coach the team with analyst AngelArcher. Managing the team will be Crolux and Barnetto will also be helping out with this.

MnM Gaming

MnM have picked up Toaster’s and Rifty’s team, formerly known as Sippin the Purp.

  • Top: Rifty
  • Jungle: Candyfloss
  • Mid: Energysus
  • ADC: Toaster
  • Support: Adam


NerdRage Pro

  • Top: Artorias
  • Jungle: Nutri
  • Mid: Kakan
  • ADC: Hejson Svenne
  • Support: Prosfair
  • Sub: Bwipo
  • Sub: Crypto

You can check out NerdRage’s coaching staff and some quotes from the team over on this announcement page.

Radix Esports

The original Free Money org, Kirito quickly made a name for himself in the scene with some of his bold comments and plays. Check out our interview with Kirito and Radix here.
UPDATE: Aguerjoe has replaced Furuy in the mid-lane and jungler Demo has expressed desire to leave. He’s been benched for now and will be replaced by QTi3.

  • Top: Kirito
  • Jungle: QTi3
  • Mid: Aguerjoe
  • ADC: Berserker
  • Support: Snuggli
  • Sub ADC: Bane3OOO
  • Sub jungler: Demo



Feenix have marked their move into League of Legends with a rocking announcement video after acquiring the roster known as Randoms.

  • Top: kerber0s
  • Jungle: Viking
  • Mid: Nuff
  • ADC: Rabstar
  • Support: Ewok
  • Coach: Karolis
  • Manager: Nyall

The first UK Masters Summer 2017 matches get underway on Monday June 19th from 7pm on the UK Masters Twitch channel, and matches will continue to run every Monday and Tuesday.

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