Gross Gore pulls in 1,600+ subs in three days following Twitch return

grossie return subs 1

UK League of Legends streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen has had a successful first few days back after being unbanned by Twitch.
He currently has 1,649 subs and had more than 17,000 viewers tune in to watch his first stream back on Friday June 16th.
Day one was literally a subs train, with Grossie thanking all the subscribers for a few hours and talking about his new stream.
He also saying that 25 new emotes are coming “very shortly”.
He is now opting for a smaller number of mods (five), aiming to avoid drama, avoid reading out racist or insulting donations/Twitch usernames and is aiming to stream every day to give back to Twitch.
Here’s an example of the sub train:

Grossie eventually muted the subs sound as it was starting to drive the chat mad:

Grossie was also confused by Twitch cheering:

On Saturday and Sunday Grossie began playing some League of Legends matches. He’s currently in Diamond IV.
Check out Grossie’s stream here

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