Kaneandtrench crowned Tekken 7 UK champion

Kane "Kaneandtrench" Heartfield has won the Tekken 7 UK & Ireland Championship.

He won the final at MCM London Comic Con 3-0 as Yoshimitsu against Fergus, who was playing as Asuka.

Kaneandtrench picked up a championship belt and a limited edition Tekken 7 press kit/console pack.

"This is amazing," Kaneandtrench said in his post-final interview with ESL.

"I never would've thought as a kid playing Tekken, that I would be on a stage like this and be one of the best in the UK.

"I didn't make this journey alone. I made it because I got involved with the UK community, I never would have done this without them, so thank you guys."


"I never would've thought as a kid playing Tekken, that I would be on a stage like this and be one of the best in the UK."


Kaneandtrench's win comes days after the Tekken World Tour was announced, which boasts a prize pool of $200,000. Players will be able to rack up ranking points and climb their regional leaderboards to attempt to qualify.

Despite the excitements of the UK finals, the Tekken 7 Championship was marred by Bandai Namco's decision to ban UK players Justin "King Jae" Nelson and his teammate C-Krizzle for 'suspected collusion', despite having any hard evidence.

Bandai Namco has promised to update the Tekken 7 UK Championship's incredibly loose and weak ruleset for next time, but the damage has already been done.

The Tekken 7 UK Championship was announced back in March. It was arranged by publisher Bandai Namco and produced by ESL.

TekkenGamer has the full list of player rankings from the finals.

You can check out the full broadcast of the finals below:

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