KaSing's Challenger Series Qualifier team rebrands to Red Bulls, aims to reach LCS

red bull kasing team 1

British League of Legends pro Raymond “KaSing” Tsang’s League of Legends side has rebranded.
The team, previously known as R.B, made their way through the Open Qualifiers into the EU Challenger Series Qualifiers (CSQs) earlier this month. They are now known as Red Bulls after striking a partnership with the energy drink company.
The Red Bulls have been widely tipped as one of the favourites in the Challenger Series Qualifiers, which get underway next week.
KaSing hopes Red Bulls will qualify for the Challenger Series and then the LCS, much like Misfits did last year.

UK League of Legends champions MnM also take part in the CSQs next week, and could come up against Red Bulls. The groups have not yet been revealed.
You can watch our interview with MnM here, and read about them replacing their jungler Candyfloss here.
KaSing has lots of experience in League of Legends. The support player has been with Team Vitality, H2K and TSM, and originally came from the UK scene, playing with the likes of Team Dignitas and Supa Hot Crew.
He has played in the LCS and even the LoL World Championships.
KaSing was featured in BBC documentary The Supergamers last year.
The Red Bulls roster also includes mid-laner Felix “Magifelix” Bolstrom, ADC Tarik “Sedrion” Holz, jungler Moojin “Moojin” Kim and top-laner Kwon “Thal” Hyuk Park.
Gabor “The Minimalist” Fenyvesi is general manager and co-founder of the org, while Oliver “Izpah” Steer is also co-founder and team coach.

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