i60 winners roundup: Enclave, FM, Epsilon, GreenSheep & more

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As Insomnia60 comes to a close, we look back on some of the winning esports teams from the LAN at Birmingham NEC.

League of Legends

Enclave Gaming (pictured) defeated Digital Warfare 3-1 in the League of Legends final to win the £750 top prize. Digital picked up £375.
Enclave and xL were the only ESL Prem teams taking part in the tournament, though xL’s roster was a mix team of friends as opposed to their usual higher elo ESL Prem team.
Enclave’s roster: Prelude in C (top), Range Expire (jungle), Beeley (mid), Jakamaka (ADC), Reclamation (support)
Digital Warfare’s roster: DJC (top), Slightly Smokey (jungle), Vango (mid), 50ShadesofVarus (ADC), MAG G Charming (support)
Casters: Hiprain, FrozenDawn
Here are some highlights from the (thanks to Gary Kimmelman for grabbing and sharing these):



Radix eSports won the UK Masters final, beating FM-eSports 3-2.
In the i60 CSGO grand final, FM beat Dog Gaming 3-0 to win £3,750. Dog won £1,500.

This Reddit post emerged commenting on FM’s casual reaction to winning, following this similarly sarcastic Reddit post from i59.

UK reaction to winning a championship from GlobalOffensive



Singularity secured a 3-0 victory over MnM Gaming in the Overwatch finals to win £1,250.

Rocket League

Team Defuse beat Team Infused 3-1 in the grand final to win £5,000.

Call of Duty

In a surprising and exciting Grand Final between Splyce and Epsilon Esports, Epsilon were the ones to lift the championship (or, not lift the championship) following consecutive 3-0 sweeps from the Loser’s Bracket.
Read our full CWL Birmingham report by Jacob Hale here.


GreenSheep from The Gosu Crew won the Hearthstone Open, beating TicTac 3-1 in the grand final.


Rainbow 6 Siege

Image source: Multiplay

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