Epsilon are your CWL Birmingham Champions

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In a surprising and exciting grand final between Splyce and Epsilon Esports, Epsilon were the victors following consecutive 3-0 sweeps from the Loser’s Bracket.
The event went roughly as expected, with few surprises throughout. Least surprising of all was Splyce’s seemingly dominant performance all weekend, not dropping a map until the grand final.
Here, they were completely dismantled by the Epsilon team captained by former teammate, and the UK’s most successful console player: Joshh.
Following the roster changes, there was the possibility that Joshh would not even make the upcoming Global Pro League. However, he proved his ability in picking up a successful squad and, despite some growing pains, they proved their worth against the European ‘god squad’ to close out their i60 weekend.

CWL Birmingham trophy goes missing

Epsilon started their weekend in one of the toughest pools, being put up against an ever-improving Fnatic squad as well as the newly-formed Vitality roster.
They came through with the win in that group, dropping two maps to Fnatic but otherwise looking very convincing.
They went on to beat iGame and Red Reserve in the Championship Bracket before a very tight 3-2 loss to Splyce, seeing them sent down to the Loser’s Bracket final where they once again saw off Fnatic in a convincing 3-0 win.

Epsilon were spurred on by an MVP performance from Dqvee, who averaged a 1.13 KD, including a 1.31 KD in his masterful Search and Destroy matches and solid objective stats across the entire weekend.
These are the final placements and earnings for the top eight teams:
Screen Shot 2017 04 17 at 21.20.58
Well done to Epsilon on their win, and make sure to check out the Global Pro League starting on April 21st.
Six UK teams will be competing across four consecutive weeks to reach the playoffs and make their way into the group stage of August’s Call of Duty Championships.
Image source: Scuf Gaming

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