CWL Birmingham trophy goes missing at i60

CWL Bham crowd 1

The Call of Duty World League had a strange start at i60 in Birmingham – the trophy seems to have disappeared.
Although there appears to be no complete evidence or statement as of yet, many people at the event have reported the trophy missing, as reported by Dexerto.
Of course the situation being laughed about by quite a few people on Twitter:

Could the incident be reminiscent of the theft of the Jules Rimet trophy in 1966 ahead of the FIFA World Cup? Coincidentally, that was also hosted in England.
The sheer prestige of the two trophies can clearly overwhelm those who have an affinity for the darker side of life, and unfortunately it has ended with a team potentially missing out on the opportunity to lift a trophy at the end of the weekend.
It is certainly a strange way to open an event, but it has almost become normal to expect UK esports fans to show our weird and wacky sides when we all come together.
Jokes aside, we urge anybody who has knowledge on the matter to report what they know to Insomnia staff so that there is indeed a trophy available on Championship Sunday.
What is it with UK esports and trophies? Last year a man was bundled off stage after running on naked and wearing the ESL Hearthstone trophy on his head.

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