Aerox eSports sign FIFA player Krasi and become a private limited company

Krasimir Ivanov 1

UK esports organisation Aerox have signed FIFA player Krasimir “Krasi” Ivanov and set themselves up as a private limited company.
Bulgarian player Krasi takes part in FIFA tournaments and has a successful YouTube channel with over 200,000 subscribers.
In terms of his esports achievements, Krasi is a six-time Bulgarian FIFA Championship winner (2008 to 2013).
He reached the top eight at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012, and was in the top 20 in 2013. Krasi has also picked up top five finishes at the World Cyber Games and European Cyber Games, as well as the Virgin Gaming 1 million challenge.
Krasi is billed as the most successful Bulgarian player in soccer video games, and will be looking to take part in more tournaments under the Aerox banner in the future.

“This is massive news. It should help propel us to the next level.”
Davey Stevens, Aerox

The news comes as Aerox set themselves up as a private limited company in the UK.
Aerox owner Davey Stevens told Esports News UK: “This is massive news. It should help propel us to the next level.”
Aerox made the announcement this morning on their Twitter page:

While FIFA is a hugely popular video game in terms of its number of players and game sales, it hasn’t set the esports world alight in the vein of CSGO, League of Legends and Dota 2.
However, earlier this year EA announced a $1.3 million FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series, which will be broadcast on BT Sport. Plus, the FIFA Interactive World Cup now boasts a $300,000 prize pool (up massively from the $25,000 awarded to the top two FIFA Interactive World Cup players in 2016).

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